Our Podcast Guests

Genesis Amaris Kemp

Genesis Amaris Kemp is a Creative Content Writer, Author, Self-Development Advocate, Visionary, Inclusion and Diversity enthusiast, Firecracker, and a force to be reckoned with.
She is a woman of color who said, “Enough is enough,” and is now bolder than ever. She tried to remain silent, but that didn’t work because no change occurred. Today, Genesis is readapting to the current times and making some life-changing decisions. She is stepping outside of her comfort zone by speaking up, challenging the status quo, and refusing to let limitations on her keep her down.

Genesis is a woman who will do great things that empower others to speak up for themselves. Yes, it may be challenging; yes, it may hurt. But in the long run, she desires to encourage others to help those who may not have a voice.

She is a trailblazer who wants others to live out their dreams, goals, and visions. If it takes her writing this book (Chocolate Drop in Corporate America: From The Pit To The Palace) to accomplish those tasks, then so be it. We all have been given an excellent purpose in life. It is up to us to walk it out and live victoriously!

Genesis has been featured on four dozen-plus podcasts, and magazines and then decided to finally start her own podcast, GEMS, with Genesis Amaris Kemp.

Inbal Claudio is an entrepreneur, military wife, and mom from Southern California. In 2019, Inbal started researching influencer marketing tactics for her small business. However, the platforms she discovered were completely out of her budget. Inbal’s own experiences lead her to decide to do the next best thing which is to create a platform where everyone is welcome. Like Minded Collective is a networking marketplace where like-minded influencers, brands, and businesses can all connect.

For over 20 years I have helped companies hire and develop people to break biases and build stronger teams.  My unique position has helped me build relationships and study  organizations from start-ups to Fortune 100, and how their systems either support or negate the advancement of women and minorities.  I am the benefactor of white privilege, and believe that opportunities to advance should be extended to everyone by developing systems and cultures that embrace inclusion and equity.  As an investor I only support companies that are dedicated to creating and sustaining diversity, inclusion and equity.

Ben Gabler

Ben Gabler is evidence that when you couple a passion for team building with an entrepreneurial spirit, you can build technologies that simplify daily tasks, improving quality of life. With a proven record growing technology businesses, Gabler has expanded market share for major global Web hosting brands and brought technology startups from initial idea to success.

He has spent most of his career building and managing various hosting companies/platforms including HostNine, HostGator, GoDaddy, UK2Group, IX Web Hosting, and StackPath.

Today, Gabler is focused on accelerating and protecting WordPress at the edge as CEO & Founder of Rocket.net.