Our Podcast Guests

Lorraine is an entrepreneur, author, professional speaker, and the mind behind Digital Toolbox. She has 40 years of marketing experience and has developed a lot of training programs and tools that helped business owners achieve digital marketing success. 

She is also the host of a marketing podcast, More Than A Few Words, where she talks and brings creative ideas, practical tips, and decades of real-world experience to every episode featuring interviews with marketing professionals from around the globe. Currently, Lorraine is residing in Indianapolis with her family and fur babies.

You can connect with Lorraine on LinkedIn and if you want to stay current with all the changes in digital marketing while running a business, check out Digital Toolbox.

Albert Wagner

Albert Wagner is a faith-based entrepreneur, an influencer, team builder, visionary, and the founder of TruPayroll, LLC.  He started his professional career as an Accounts Payable Clerk and became a licensed CPA in 1994.  After spending several years working with firms, his independence and entrepreneurial aspiration materialized when he opened his own CPA practice in April 1999.

His path then lead him to consulting and after those engagements, he realized that consulting was NOT for him.  So he went on a journey to find a new income stream which lead him to discover a wholesale, white-labeled payroll platform.  After testing it for a few years via volunteers and through some convincing by a customer, Al's accounting firm started offering payroll processing.

In a few years, the payroll processing service increased in size and scope to a point where he eventually made the decision to focus 100% of his attention on building TruPayroll, LLC. Now, they already branched out to serve their growing customers covering 24 states.

If you would want to connect with him on LinkedIn, be sure to tell him you listened to this podcast (so that he knows it is not a random connection invite.) You may also check out his Accounting Business, TruPayroll, LLC.

Ryan Lawrence

Ryan is a freelance web developer specializing in custom WordPress development, plugins, and themes. He has over 17 years of experience working with WordPress, since its humble days as a blogging platform. He has worked with companies, nonprofits, and individuals of all kinds, from Fortune 500 companies to his next-door neighbor.

Ryan lives in the Philadelphia area, but works with clients across the US and abroad. He shares a house with four cats, but still somehow manages to get work done.

Danielle Zarcaro is the founder of Paperback Web Development and has been developing and maintaining custom WordPress websites for almost a decade. She loves snuggling cats and putting hot chocolate in her coffee. You'll often find her awake past sunrise and up in time for the sunset.

If you would want to connect with her on LinkedIn or Instagram, be sure to tell her you listened to this podcast (so that she knows it is not a random connection invite.) You may also check out the Overnight Website and the Websites & Queer Perspectives podcast.