Our Podcast Guests

For over 20 years I have helped companies hire and develop people to break biases and build stronger teams.  My unique position has helped me build relationships and study  organizations from start-ups to Fortune 100, and how their systems either support or negate the advancement of women and minorities.  I am the benefactor of white privilege, and believe that opportunities to advance should be extended to everyone by developing systems and cultures that embrace inclusion and equity.  As an investor I only support companies that are dedicated to creating and sustaining diversity, inclusion and equity.

Ben Gabler

Ben Gabler is evidence that when you couple a passion for team building with an entrepreneurial spirit, you can build technologies that simplify daily tasks, improving quality of life. With a proven record growing technology businesses, Gabler has expanded market share for major global Web hosting brands and brought technology startups from initial idea to success.

He has spent most of his career building and managing various hosting companies/platforms including HostNine, HostGator, GoDaddy, UK2Group, IX Web Hosting, and StackPath.

Today, Gabler is focused on accelerating and protecting WordPress at the edge as CEO & Founder of Rocket.net.

Matt Campbell

Matt Campbell is the founder of My Wedding Songs. He is a member of the Roling Stone Culture Council and hosts the Wedding Songs Podcast. Matt shares his SEO and blogging knowledge as the Las Vegas Bloggers Meetup organizer.

My Wedding Songs features wedding song ideas through 600+ curated playlists. The website helps more than 4 million visitors a month plan their wedding music and music fans discover songs.

During my college years, and for a few months after graduation, my idea was to go into the food service industry. That changed 5 months after earning a degree in Business Administration. I got an offer to go to Italy on a two-year project…18 years later, after spending 9 years in Italy and 9 years in Brazil, I returned to the USA.

Over the last 30 years I have run and owned businesses including:

  • A Marketing and Advertising Business
  • A full service Restaurant & Sports Bar
  • A Mortgage Brokerage
  • A Convention & Public Speaking Business
  • A Language School
  • A Bicycle Tourism Company offering day tours
  • A Website Development and Hosting Service Company
  • 2 Business Consulting Agencies, one in Italy and one in the USA

In that time I’ve learned some universal truths about building businesses. Today I work with small and medium sized businesses helping with niche market identification, message composition, marketing, sales training, pricing strategies, operations and process improvement. We help business grow and increase their bottom line.

As a Certified Professional Coach, I excel in building value and developing a plan for success using a systematic approach to create a unique business that stands out from the crowd, delivers results, and transforms a business into a money making machine.

My goal is straightforward – to help serious business owners see a dramatic and immediate increase in leads, sales, and revenue.  I’ll provide you with the tools, resources, and training that will make your business the dominant player in your market. I have a system that is tried, proven, tested, and true.