Our Podcast Guests

Roy Coughlan

Podcasting Coach with 5 Podcasts. Speaking Podcast, Awakening Podcast, Meditation Podcast, Learn Polish Podcast (All 4 have gotten to Top 0.5%), The Crypto Podcast (Top 1.5%).

He's helped people create a podcast and get into the top 10% of Podcasts. Helping clients get on the Top Rated Podcasts to promote their business or book. Roy has produced and edited over 1,200 Episodes including over 100 live with top guests like Miki Willis, David Icke, Thomas Renz, Sherry Tenpenny and more.

Dan Hafner, affectionately known as “Dapper Dan the App Man,” is a renowned figure in the realm of app development, platform creation, and community engagement. Specializing in working with high-level coaches, entrepreneurs, and startups, Dan has mastered the art and science of mobile app development.

With daily pitches of app ideas, Dan has developed a keen eye for distinguishing promising concepts from the less feasible ones. His expertise lies not only in identifying good ideas but also in understanding the multifaceted role of apps as marketing, fulfillment, and sales/lead-generation tools. Dan’s approach simplifies complex processes, making them accessible and understandable.

An advocate for the power of mobile apps in today's business landscape, Dan emphasizes the growing importance of apps in business strategy. With his prediction that 72% of all businesses will adopt a mobile app within the next five years, he highlights the staying power and relevance of mobile applications in the modern market.

At the helm of Dapper Mobile Apps, Dan offers comprehensive services that cover every aspect of app development. From conceptualization and building a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) to producing iOS and Android versions, launching apps on App Stores, and ongoing marketing and promotion, Dan ensures a seamless journey for his clients' app development projects.

With his unique blend of expertise, experience, and enthusiasm for technology, Dan Hafner is not just an app developer; he's a visionary in the digital landscape, continually pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the world of mobile apps.

David Caha

David Caha is a visionary founder and head.

David Caha, Ph.D., leads Ad Science Lab as its visionary founder and head. With his background as a cognitive neuroscientist and physiologist, he's a passionate advocate for the power of marketing in shaping strategies for medical and science-based companies. As a data scientist, he firmly believes in the crucial role of analytics in tracking the entire customer journey. For David, measurement is the cornerstone of digital marketing, and without it, the industry's efforts are significantly diminished.

Overall, David's mission is to use his and his team's expertise to empower organizations to enhance lives and advocate for transformative strategies. David's leadership is characterized by a commitment to innovation, ensuring that Ad Science Lab remains at the forefront of data-driven marketing solutions.

Colin Sanburg

Colin Sanburg is a multi-business owner.

Colin Sanburg is a multi-business owner and Founder of FinElevate. This MBA-led strategic accounting firm helps business owners use their numbers to make money rather than simply better categorizing their expenses.

As CEO and owner of manufacturing, distribution, and service businesses, he developed a passion for demystifying small business finance and supporting fellow entrepreneurs in achieving their dreams.