Our Podcast Guests

Dave Bates

Dave is an executive coach who understands the daily struggles, challenges, and the big opportunities that feel like they're just a little bit out of reach. He's been a solopreneur, COO, CEO, and almost everything in between. Dave's clients experience relief from the pressure of feeling alone at the top of their growing business.

Danny Nathan

Danny Nathan is the founder of Apollo 21.

Danny has developed a habit of helping companies create new products & services and launch new ventures. In the past, he’s been called a product person, a UX guy, a designer, a strategist, a marketer, a creative (and a few other choice names like “The Cleaner”).

Today, Danny is the founder of Apollo 21, a company which sits at the intersection of a business consultancy, a product design studio, and a venture studio. Apollo 21 helps companies foster innovation, leverage venture-driven growth, and remove barriers to scale by building technology that solves complex business and operational challenges.

Daniel Den

Daniel Den is the co-creator of the X Factor Effect methodology

Daniel Den became fascinated with marketing and sales almost two decades ago. Today he is the co-creator of the X Factor Effect methodology where he and his team have helped over 20,000 students and clients grow their businesses.

Daniel teaches that “Different is the new Better” and his framework includes nine pillars for differentiating your business so that you can become a market leader or category king. For several years, Daniel traveled the world full time with his wife and four children. They continue to travel often and now live in Florida.

Monica Pitts

Monica Pitts is the founder of MayeCreate Design.

Monica is the founder of MayeCreate Design and host of the Marketing with Purpose podcast. She’s a techy, crafty, aerial dancer with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. Monica possesses a rare combination of design savvy and technological know-how.

She puts her down-to-earth problem solving skills to work providing solutions to marketing and communication challenges through technology. When she’s not running her business she’s raising her two daughters, 9 and 13, petting her puppies, traveling with her husband, Mike, dancing in air or digging in the dirt!