Our Podcast Guests

Mohammad Nafisi

Mohammad grew up in Bushehr, Iran, and moved to the U.S. to pursue his education. Most recently he has worked as a product manager intern at Novarc Technologies, a robotics company automating welding. Mohammad has worked in a variety of roles from sales and marketing, to a financial consultant. Currently, he lives in San Francisco.

He has a passion for how people access knowledge. His new startup is working to bridge the gap between academic research and private funding. Mohammad has seen the systematic process various founders use to test out a variety of startup ideas and will share some of his takeaways. 

Wilson Mattos

Wilson Mattos is an accomplished business leader, investor, and mentor.  He co-founded Rapid Crush, Inc. in 2011, where he serves as its Chief Executive Officer. Wilson also participates as an executive advisor and a board member for several other businesses.

As a brilliant problem solver and skilled negotiator, Wilson has a unique ability to find elegant solutions that overcome the challenges and obstacles found in both business and everyday life. Wilson enjoys public speaking and openly shares his expertise by mentoring others.

Wilson holds a Master of Science in Technology Management degree from Pepperdine University, Graziadio School of Business and Management.

Wilson’s philanthropic goals focus on contributing to charities that help children. He is an avid sailor and paddleboarder who lives in western Florida with his wife and two sons.

Vova Feldman

Vova Feldman is a serial maker and full-stack developer who transitioned from the technical co-founder seat to becoming the ship’s captain. He’s “addicted” to challenges and solving complex problems that may seem unsolvable using technology and engineering. Vova is passionate about the “passion economy” and these days he’s focused on helping fellow developers in the open-source space to make a living while pursuing their passion products through Freemius.com.

Stephen Wilson Downey

Stephen Wilson Downey is the CEO of a website and software development agency & a company that provides a SaaS solution to automate website maintenance. Entrepreneurship has been at the very core of Stephen’s being stemming from his great grandmother who was the first female pharmacist in Ireland.

However, it would take years for Stephen to realize that he wanted to innovate and build his own company from the ground up. It was either tech or cooking when it came to Stephen’s ambitions after 8 years of being a chef Stephen realized his true calling was in business and tech. Stephen is now scaling two companies to follow his dream of innovating to solve the problems that businesses experience every day.