Angela Mulrooney

Dr. Angela Mulrooney, known as The Arsonist.

Dr. Angela Mulrooney, known as The Arsonist, is a global speaker, best-selling author, and personal branding expert.
Originally a dentist, Angela helplessly watched her perfectly crafted dental career burn to the ground after sustaining a career-ending injury. After retiring and selling her practice, she was unsure how to change the world without a drill in her hand.  

She embarked on a 5-year entrepreneurial journey of building brand after brand around each of her unique talents: Unleashed Dance Company to teach people to tell a story with their body, Unleashing Dentistry’s Potential to teach dentists to niche into their passion, and Unleashing Influence to teach people to change the world with what they know.

After creating a successful empire of brands, she realized she had created a monster of her own making – pulled in too many directions and feeling like she wasn’t realizing her full potential as a result. To redesign her life, she lit a match to burn down what was not working in her life and sold off all but Unleashing Influence Inc. and moved from Canada to Nicaragua.

This bold move allowed her to niche into her mastery: burning down what's holding clients back from Unleashing Influence through their personal brand on LinkedIn. Her expertise enables clients to change the world with what they know by influencing and captivating their clients through content, podcast appearances, and public speaking while increasing sales.

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