Geoff Chan

Geoff Chan is a Founder of Stack Five.

Geoff Chan is a Founder of Stack Five, a boutique digital product development shop. Stack Five specializes in discovery driven UI/UX design and end-to-end product development with full-stack JavaScript.

Geoff started his career as a front-end developer, working at the largest non-profit in Canada, World Vision, for 6 years. His passion for building end-to-end solutions with JavaScript grew, and he left to work at a JavaScript dev shop and then a tech startup afterwards.

In 2018, he started Stack Five to apply his knowledge in helping clients. He partnered up with his longtime friend Jordan in 2019 and the two haven't looked back since.

Today Stack Five has 5 full-time employees and clients such as adidas, Reebok, Salesforce, and CFIB. They're focused on building a strong developer culture centered on learning, passion, and work life balance.

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