Rhonda Negard

Rhonda Negard started her business for "extra" income.

Rhonda Negard started Fat Dog Creatives, a boutique design strategy business, in 2003. Because life included deployments (husband), moves, and her career in the backseat, she started her business for “extra” income. In 2015 she transitioned to full-time business owner and started learning the real meaning of business owner, focusing on who she really wanted to serve, diving further into design thinking, and continually reworking business processes. 

In 2020 she joined the adjunct faculty at the Art Institute of San Antonio to help the next generation and those transitioning to a second career learn and refine technical skills while integrating real-world experiences and lessons. Rhonda has settled in San Antonio, TX for now, but enjoys returning to Seattle, WA, and Bethesda, MD, to connect with friends and clients.

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