Andrei Mincov

Andrei Mincov, the founder of Trademark Factory.

Andrei Mincov began his journey in intellectual property with a pursuit to protect his father's intellectual property from Samsung in 1996.

After winning that case, Andrei's career as a lawyer jumped forward, as he began working for the world’s biggest international law firm, with clients like Apple, Google, Porsche, and Microsoft. After moving to Canada from Russia in 2007, Andrei went through 3 more years of law school and received his Canadian lawyer and trademark agent licenses.

In 2011, inspired by Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Andrei started his own IP law firm.

In 2013, after seeing an opportunity to offer something unique, Andrei decided to revolutionize trademarking services by having one flat fee that would cover the entire trademarking process with a 100% money-back guarantee. That same year he renamed his company Trademark Factory®.

In 2022, Andrei relocated to Dubai and set up a second office for Trademark Factory.

All these years and thousands of registered trademarks later, Trademark Factory® remains the only firm in the world that offers a guaranteed result for a guaranteed budget.

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