Episode 180 – Find Your Lane: The Importance of Specialization and the Role Passion Plays

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In this enlightening solo episode, Matt Levenhagen dives deep into the topic of business specialization in business; whether that's an agency or any business. He shares his experiences in refining his agency's services, highlighting the importance of finding a niche and sticking to it to achieve greater efficiency and higher quality results. Matt provides practical insights and recounts stories from his daily business operations, underlining the real-world applications of narrowing one's focus.

Throughout the conversation, Matt emphasizes the benefits of specializing, particularly in web design and WordPress development, along with the significance of being clear about what your business does and doesn't do.

He underscores how specialization has allowed his team to improve processes, efficiency, and overall client satisfaction. Matt also explains his strategy in dealing with CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) tasks and shares his thoughts on maintaining passion and enjoyment in one's work. These insights are particularly valuable for agencies and businesses looking to hone their core strengths and deliver superior results to their clients.

Key Takeaways:

  • Specialization Benefits: Specializing in a particular area, like custom web development, allows a business to build expertise, improve quality, and enhance efficiency.
  • Passion in Work: Passion and enjoyment in what you do are crucial for long-term success and quality improvement.
  • Client Relationships: Clear communication of services and limitations is essential in building strong, trust-based client relationships.
  • Process Improvement: Specializing helps streamline processes, allowing teams to become more productive and proficient over time.
  • Learning from Experience: Each project, whether successful or not, offers valuable lessons that contribute to refining skills and services.


  • Introduction and Context
    • Introduction to the episode and topic
    • Background on the new agency conversation
  • Finding Your Specialization
    • Importance of finding your business niche
    • Defining specialization in your agency
    • Examples of other agencies and their specializations
  • Specialization in Web Design and Development
    • Overview of the services provided
    • Importance of sticking to core strengths
    • Role of custom work and maintenance
  • Collaboration and Communication
    • Working with agencies and businesses
    • Importance of clear communication and defined roles
    • Tools and processes for effective collaboration
  • Passion and Business Success
    • Role of passion in achieving business success
    • Insights from “Good to Great” and “Built to Last”
    • Personal story of pivoting to web design and development
  • Benefits of Specialization
    • Building expertise and quality
    • Enhancing efficiency and productivity
    • Improving client relationships and satisfaction
  • Challenges of Specialization
    • Potential challenges of maintaining a specialized focus
    • Handling client requests for services outside your expertise
    • Learning to say no and staying true to your core strengths
  • Case Study: CRO Audits
    • Example of CRO audits and implementation
    • Importance of knowing what you do and don’t do
    • Building trust and clarity with clients
  • Building a Specialized Team
    • Finding and nurturing passion in team members
    • Assigning the right projects to the right people
    • Developing specialized skills within the team
  • Conclusion and Takeaways
    • Recap of key points discussed
    • Actionable insights for other agencies or businesses considering specialization
    • Final thoughts and closing remarks

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0:00Finding Your Business Specialization and Learning from Mistakes
6:03Specializing in Web Design and Development with Defined Boundaries
14:10The Importance of Passion and Specialization in Business Success
20:56Mastering WooCommerce Customization for Enhanced E-Commerce Experiences
28:49Specializing in Web Design and Development for Better Client Relationships
43:29Balancing Custom Web Development and Specialized Agency Partnerships
51:35Building a Lightweight Plugin for Essential Website Features

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