Episode 179 – Navigating My Digital Ecosystem: Behind-the-Scenes, On the Fly, Update, Content & Products

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In this solo episode of The Builders Podcast, I’m diving deep into my latest ventures and sharing how all my digital projects interconnect. This episode is all about transparency—what I’ve been up to, how I envision the flow of traffic across my various sites, and the overarching strategy that binds them together.

I discuss the intricacies of balancing multiple projects, from agency work to developing WordPress plugins, and how each piece of my digital puzzle complements the others. You’ll hear about my content creation strategies, the challenges of maintaining tech quality, and my personal journey of building a brand around diversified interests.

Join me for an insightful look at the innovative journey of a multifaceted entrepreneur, and learn how you can enhance engagement through compelling content and strategic partnerships.

Key Takeaways:

  • Technical Challenges: Overcoming podcast audio issues and navigating unscripted episodes.
  • Unified Toolkit: Enhancing the WordPress admin experience with custom plugins.
  • Content Strategy: Creating a cohesive content strategy for multiple blogs and websites.
  • Brand Integration: Building products that align with agency services.
  • Innovative Solutions: Developing and using custom plugins to solve practical problems.
  • Affiliate Program: Insights into developing an affiliate program to boost plugin sales.
  • Personal Insights: Sharing personal experiences and the roller coaster journey I envision my visitors taking. A fun roller coaster! 😀


  • Introduction
    • Welcome and episode overview
    • The importance of transparency and sharing updates
  • Overcoming Technical Challenges
    • Audio issues and troubleshooting
    • Lessons learned from unscripted episodes
  • Enhancing WordPress Admin Experience
    • Introduction to Unified Toolkit
    • Features and benefits of custom plugins
  • Content Creation Strategy
    • Importance of consistent content creation
    • Rotating blog posts for multiple sites: MattLevenhagen.com, Unified Web Design, and Unified Plugins
    • Leveraging content for visibility and engagement
  • Building and Integrating Products
    • Developing custom plugins and themes for client sites
    • Aligning products with the agency’s core services
    • The journey from idea to implementation
  • Affiliate Program Development
    • Creating and promoting an affiliate program
    • Benefits of bundling products
    • Strategies for increasing plugin sales
  • Personal Insights and Experiences
    • The roller coaster of managing multiple projects
    • Reflections on the journey so far
    • The significance of maintaining quality and authenticity

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0:00Overcoming Podcast Audio Issues and Unscripted Episode Challenges
10:21Balancing Home Repairs and Business Ventures with Unified Plugins
13:07Unified Toolkit Enhances WordPress Admin Experience
18:26Building Custom Plugins and Themes for Client Sites
20:41Content Creation Strategy for Multiple Blogs and Websites
22:35Building Products and Growing an Agency
26:13Unified Plugins and Strategic Brand Integration
30:43Balancing Content Creation and Core Business in Web Design

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