Episode 175 – New MacBook Pro Review: Key Decisions, Agency Setup, and Tech Insights

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In this enlightening episode, Matt Levenhagen shares a candid behind-the-scenes look at the technology that powers his web design and development agency. Focusing on the transition from an aging MacBook Pro to a new model, Matt underscores the critical importance of performance, multitasking, and convenience in his day-to-day operations. The podcast delves into the decision-making process behind choosing the right tools to support a high-paced, global business environment.

Initially, Matt sets the scene by discussing the technical difficulties he faced with his older MacBook Pro, such as battery issues, performance degradation, and the need for a reliable upgrade to sustain his growing business demands. Emphasizing the pragmatics of switching to a new MacBook Pro, he maps out how this change was essential in maintaining a seamless workflow and ensuring that his agency's operations stayed unaffected during the transition.

The episode serves as a comprehensive guide for tech enthusiasts and business owners alike, highlighting thoughtful considerations that go into choosing a machine that's a workhorse for a professional running a digital enterprise. Matt articulates the hardware choices he made, including opting for the M3 Pro chip and additional memory for better multitasking capabilities, and explains how the new setup contributes to the efficiency and effectiveness of his work.

Key Takeaways:

  • The necessity of upgrading to new technology when running a business to ensure continued efficiency and productivity.
  • Selecting the appropriate hardware and software is critical for tasks such as developing, managing team communications, and content creation.
  • The decision-making process behind selecting a new MacBook Pro, focusing on the M3 Pro chip for its multitasking capabilities.
  • The importance of a seamless transition from old to new hardware to avoid downtime in business operations.
  • Understanding personal workflow patterns and the day-to-day tech stack can facilitate smoother technology upgrades.


  1. Introduction
    • The flashing bar issue on the old MacBook Pro.
    • Background on transitioning from the old MacBook Pro to the new model.
  2. Setting the Scene
    • Technical difficulties with the old MacBook Pro: battery issues, performance degradation, and fan noise.
    • The necessity for a reliable upgrade to sustain growing business demands.
  3. Transition to the New MacBook Pro
    • Decision-making process for choosing a new MacBook Pro.
    • Selection of the M3 Pro chip and additional memory for enhanced multitasking.
  4. Impact on Business Operations
    • Importance of maintaining a seamless workflow.
    • Ensuring the agency's operations remained unaffected during the transition.
  5. Hardware and Software Choices
    • Key hardware choices: M3 Pro chip, memory specifications.
    • Essential software and tools for web design and development.
  6. Daily Workflow and Setup
    • Overview of Matt's office setup and multitasking capabilities.
    • Importance of multiple screens and efficient multitasking.
  7. Personal Workflow Patterns
    • Detailed description of the software used: ClickUp, Slack, Adobe Suite, etc.
    • Emphasis on automation and productivity tools.
  8. Performance Improvements
    • Faster video uploading and overall system performance.
    • Impact on daily operations and productivity.
  9. Challenges and Solutions
    • Issues encountered during the transition.
    • Solutions to video and software compatibility problems.
  10. Conclusion
    • Reflections on the transition process.
    • The importance of having a reliable and efficient setup for running a digital business.

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0:00Laptop Malfunctions and Makeshift Solutions
1:36Tech Insights for Business from Matt Levinhagen's Solo Podcast
3:07Choosing a MacBook Pro for a Global Web Design Agency
6:55Transitioning from PC to MacBook for Business and Design
12:46Troubleshooting a Malfunctioning MacBook Pro
15:07Plugin Issues Slow Down Ecommerce Support Efficiency
16:16Maximizing Productivity Through Efficient Multitasking
19:26Sentimental Value and Performance of the First Agency MacBook Pro
21:13Swift Tech Solutions for Uninterrupted Business Operations
21:46Prioritizing Essential Tools for Efficient Workflow
22:54Setting Up a New Computer While Working
24:40Strategically Reinstalling Apps on a New MacBook
27:07Upgrading and Configuring Development Software
27:42Overcoming Video Setup Challenges for Business Content Creation
34:35Challenges and Strategies in Content Upload Schedules
35:53Choosing the Right MacBook Pro for Business Efficiency
40:21Web Design Agency's App Usage and Security Practices
43:38Essential Tools for Business Workflow and Communication
47:41Maximizing Productivity With Mac Automation Tools and Chat GPT
50:23Tech Tools for Privacy, Storage, and Backup Explained
54:09Navigating Software Preferences and Installations
55:25Efficiency Through Desktop Shortcuts and Image Optimization
55:55Streamlining Business Operations With Essential Digital Tools
58:43Multitasking in a High-Performance Work Environment
1:00:35Balancing Tech Needs with Cost for Longevity
1:01:28Optimizing Workflow with Strategic Browser and App Organization
1:03:27Embracing Technology as an Extension of Self
1:06:48Troubleshooting Bluetooth Connectivity Issues
1:07:46Exploring Web Design and Development with Unified Web Design
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