Episode 174: Ron Macklin – Mastering the Art of Connection: How Our Stand Impacts Our Relationships

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In this fascinating episode, host Matt delves into the intricacies of human connection with guest Ron Macklin. From the fluidity of personal growth to the foundational ways we can improve our relationships, this conversation unpacks Ron's journey from an engineer to an author and thought leader in communication and relationship building. Ron introduces his “Macklin Method,” a framework designed to establish trustful connections both personally and professionally.

Ron elaborates on the transformative power rooted in understanding our “stand” – our core beliefs and reactions – and how acknowledging this stand affects our interactions. The discussion later shifts to Ron's writing process, shedding light on the emotional and technical journey behind writing his book. Through a narrative that resonates with readers, Ron aims to intertwine the elements of his method with a relatable story that reflects universal human experiences.

Key Takeaways:

  • Humans have a significant capacity for change and self-improvement, which is a major theme throughout the episode.
  • The “Macklin Method” includes steps like understanding one's stand, being an offer of help, and allowing others to contribute to us.
  • The importance of deep human connection as a source of happiness and fulfillment is emphasized, supported by Ron's book, “Everyone Is Afraid.”
  • Ron discusses the enriching experience of writing his book and the challenges he overcame, particularly in terms of ensuring its storytelling nature.
  • Allowing others to contribute to us is highlighted as a vulnerability that many struggle with but is crucial for establishing meaningful relationships.

Ron Macklin

Ron Macklin is the president of Macklin Connection, overseeing our programs and extending the reach of the organization worldwide.

Ron realized early in his engineering career that he had a passion for building and leading teams. And he realized that to succeed, he needed to build a deep network of support. He needed to learn why people connect and how they create results together. This realization led him on a 30-year journey that culminated in the creation of the 7-step Macklin Method and the launch of Macklin Connection.

Ron earned a degree in engineering from Kansas State University and quickly grew into leadership positions in his budding career. He grew to lead teams that set nine world records and won dozens of customer satisfaction awards. At Siemens, for example, Ron led a support division with 350 employees that worked over 5 million hours without a lost-time injury and was voted “the best place to work in Houston” by the Houston Business Journal.

Twice Ron has created a growth culture responsible for increasing profits by $20 million, and has led seven different groups from worst- to best-in-class. Today, he is the president of Macklin Connection, overseeing our programs and extending the reach of the organization worldwide. He continues to lead programs and coach teams and individuals. A Wichita, Kansas native, Ron and his wife Koni have three adult children, Garrett, Lorin and Brennan.


  • Introduction
    • Welcoming Ron Macklin back to the podcast
    • Recap of Ron's previous appearance (Episode 132)
  • Ron Macklin's Background
    • Transition from engineering to authoring
    • Development of the Macklin Method
  • The Macklin Method
    • Explanation of the seven steps
    • Practical applications in personal and professional life
  • The Power of Understanding Our Stand
    • Defining and acknowledging core beliefs and reactions
    • Impact on personal and professional interactions
  • The Journey of Writing a Book
    • Initial reluctance and motivation
    • Challenges and breakthroughs
    • The creative process and final outcome
  • Themes of the Book
    • Reconnecting with old friends
    • Overcoming fear and vulnerability
    • Building deep and lasting connections
  • Implementing the Macklin Method
    • Real-life success stories
    • Impact on personal relationships
    • Transformative effects in the workplace
  • Key Takeaways
    • The importance of connection for happiness
    • Continuous learning and personal growth
    • Encouragement to apply the Macklin Method
  • Closing Remarks
    • How to find Ron Macklin's book and resources
    • Contact information and next steps

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0:01Embracing Change and Personal Growth
1:40Revisiting Ron Macklin's Engineering Journey and Methods
3:07From Reluctance to Authorship: Crafting an Engaging Methodology Book
7:11Rekindling College Friendships Amidst Life's Challenges
9:40Unveiling the Maclin Method Through Easter Eggs and Audiobooks
10:39Reconnecting Through the Macklin Method
12:30Evolving Personal Standards and Self-Narratives Over Time
14:51Building Trust Through Offer of Help and Patient Support
18:30Discovering Happiness Through Deep Human Connections
Unexpected Help in the Wheat Fields
21:04The Essence of True Connection and Happiness
24:06Transforming Personal Struggles Into Professional Success
27:51Transformative Relationships Through Personal Development Programs
31:43Overcoming Misconceptions and Fostering Creativity Through Connection
35:54Defining and Refining Personal Stands Through Adversity
38:10Embracing Change and the Human Capacity to Create
41:48Embracing Lifelong Learning and Avoiding Becoming an Antique
44:06Discussing the Journey of Writing and Publishing a Book
45:42Exploring Imaginal Community and Macklin Connection with Ron
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