Episode 172: Matt Mower – A Leaders Missing Tool & Transforming Decision-Making

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In this insightful episode, Matt Mower delves into the intricate world of leadership decision-making and the necessity for specialized tools to assist top-level executives in steering their organizations more effectively. Matt draws from his rich background in programming, technology leadership, and strategic roles to shed light on the common pitfalls of startups and the missed opportunities within enterprises that fail to grasp the changing dynamics of their business environments.

Matt reflects on his entrepreneurial journey, recounting the lessons learned from the highs and lows he experienced while navigating various startups. He discusses the significance of having a system that supports leadership in making consequential decisions and the challenges businesses face in managing opportunities and aligning their teams around a unified agenda.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dynamic Decision Making: Businesses should treat decision-making as an OODA loop—observe, orient, decide, act—and continually reassess their actions in response to changing circumstances.
  • Vision Centrality: Maintaining the vision as central to a business’s day-to-day operations is vital for strategic direction and growth, yet often difficult to sustain over time.
  • Systematic Leadership: Leadership teams, just like sales or operations teams, need a system like Agendascope to effectively manage complex decision-making processes.
  • The Importance of Flexibility: The ability to adapt assumptions and approaches is critical for the success of entrepreneurs and startups. – Depth of Experience: Matt Mower taps into his substantial technical and strategic expertise to diagnose common obstacles that inhibit business growth and proposes the benefits of a coherent leadership tool.

Matt Mower

Matt Mower, a co-founder & CEO of AgendaScope

My passion is using technology to help people create better businesses and a better world. I've been doing this work, in one form or another, for about 30 years.

As co-founder & CEO of AgendaScope, I'm doing that by creating a platform that lets directors direct, not manage. Make better progress, don't just be “busy”.


  • Introduction and Guest Welcome
    • Introduction by host Matt
    • Welcoming guest Matt Mower, co-founder and CEO of Agendascope
  • Understanding Agendascope
    • Description of Agendascope’s mission and services
    • Matt Mower's role and vision for leadership effectiveness
  • Matt Mower’s Background and Career Journey
    • Early career in programming and transition to entrepreneurship
    • Evolution from programming to strategic roles and leadership
  • The Transition to Strategy and Value Proposition
    • Discussion on the shift from technical to strategic roles
    • Insights into common challenges in technology and business strategy
  • Exploring the Concept of Entrepreneurship
    • Matt Mower's personal drive and motivations for choosing entrepreneurship
    • Early influences and experiences in technology and programming
  • Key Challenges in Startup Environments
    • Experiences with different startup roles, especially as CTO
    • Challenges in aligning technology with business goals
  • In-depth Look at Decision-Making in Business
    • The need for effective tools and systems in leadership
    • Introduction of Agendascope as a solution for strategic management
  • The Role of Assumptions in Entrepreneurial Success
    • Importance of challenging initial assumptions in business
    • Strategies for refining business models and value propositions
  • Conclusion and Closing Thoughts
    • Summary of key points discussed
    • Final thoughts and farewell to guest

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0:00Introducing Agendascope: A Tool for Leaders and Directors
2:19From Programmer to Fractional CTO and Strategy Expert
7:52Defining the Strategic Role of a Chief Technology Officer
11:09Early-Stage Startups and the Lure of Innovation
13:25Pioneering Blog Tagging and Missed Opportunities in Early Social Media
16:46Uncovering a Grocery Chain's Meat Scandal
17:37Reflecting on Early Business Ventures and Making an Impact
19:18The Irony of a CEO's Misguided Assumptions
21:45The Isolation and Challenges of Leadership
23:01Evaluating Business Ideas Without Ego
24:32The Art of Challenging Perspectives in Relationships
25:55The Perils of Startup Assumptions and Decision-Making
30:10The Pitfalls of Biased Questionnaires in Research
34:10Revolutionizing Leadership Decision-Making and Opportunity Management
37:39The Necessity of Leadership Systems in Business
41:59The Pitfalls of Poor Organizational Memory in Decision Making
43:28Building a Leadership Team with Clarity and Accountability
45:17Applying the OODA Loop to Agile Business Strategy
49:37Harnessing AI to Streamline Business Meetings and Decisions
52:08Choosing the Right Opportunities in Agency Settings
52:40Exploring Business Tools and AI With Matt Mower on LinkedIn
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