Episode 178 – Outsourcing Fit: A Blueprint for Strategic Partnerships & Building Relationships

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In this solo episode, Matt Levenhagen delves into the intricacies of building strong business relationships, focusing on his new lead magnet, “Outsourcing Fit.” He kicks off the discussion by sharing the inspiration and process behind creating the guide, emphasizing the importance of developing a lead magnet that aligns with your passion and business vision.

Matt transitions into a thorough exploration of the first pillar of successful outsourcing: Relationship Fit. He outlines the key elements that make a successful business partnership and stresses the significance of shared values, trust, and effective communication in fostering fruitful collaborations. Through various anecdotes and real-life case studies, Matt illustrates how strategic partnerships and strong relationship foundations have propelled his agency to new heights.

Key Takeaways:

  • Building Trust: Establishing long-term trust with clients and partners is crucial for navigating crises effectively.
  • Transparency and Communication: Open and honest communication helps in resolving issues and fostering healthy business relationships.
  • Importance of Alignment: Ensuring cultural and operational alignment is essential for successful outsourcing and collaboration.
  • Staying Connected: Regular check-ins and personal touchpoints strengthen business relationships and create lasting bonds.
  • Passion-Driven Success: Aligning your business efforts with your passions can enhance motivation and the likelihood of success.


  • Introduction
    • Welcome and Overview
    • Importance of Building Business Relationships
    • Purpose of the “Outsourcing Fit” Guide
  • Creating the “Outsourcing Fit” Guide
    • Concept and Inspiration
    • Tips for Developing a Lead Magnet
    • Aligning the Guide with Your Passion and Business Vision
  • The Pillar of Relationship Fit
    • Overview of Relationship Fit
    • Importance of Shared Values and Culture
    • Building Trust and Respect
    • Example: Resolving Google Ads Issues
    • Example: Navigating Crisis Situations
  • Practical Examples and Case Studies
    • Case Study: Building Trust in Partnerships
    • Case Study: Effective Communication in Action (Teased)
    • Case Study: Achieving Financial Clarity (Teased)
    • Case Study: Growth Fit in Action (Teased)
  • Crafting a Lead Magnet
    • Steps to Create a Compelling Guide
    • Integrating Your Guide into Your Business Strategy
    • Tips for Successful Lead Magnet Deployment
  • Conclusion
    • Recap of Key Insights
    • Encouragement to Build Strong Business Relationships
    • Teaser for Future Content and Insights
  • Call to Action

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0:00Building Business Relationships and the Importance of List Building
8:37Building Relationships Through Outsourcing and Partnerships
15:55Building Effective Email Lists and Follow-Up Strategies
22:51Building Strong Relationships as the Foundation for Successful Outsourcing
29:57Building Trust and Compatibility in Business Relationships
39:24Building and Maintaining Business Relationships Through Genuine Connections
48:00Navigating Website Launches and Ad Shutdowns Simultaneously
50:31Resolving Google Marketplace Ad Errors Through Technical Troubleshooting
59:34Building Trust and Relationships in Business

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