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Edward Fox was born at a very early age.

Edward Fox was born at a very early age. He is a big fan of puns and dad jokes.
So much so that he has published 2 books of dad jokes on Amazon titled 101 Groantasic Dad Jokes and 101 MORE Groantastic Dad Joke VOL2 .

Edward is a serial entrepreneur with his first business venture at the age of 15yrs old in Australia a corner general store in a little country town. 

Having moved to Wichita KS in 1990 Edward continued his business pursuits. 

Edward enjoys helping business owners grow their businesses and is currently the founder, principal, or co-owner of the following business ventures. 

  • Tradebank of Nashville – A B2B Barter Exchange (Franchise)  Nashville.Tradebank.com
  • Tradebank of Wichita – A B2B Barter Exchange (Franchise) Wichita.Tradebank.com
  • iQ2 Digital – A Digital Marketing agency and full-service printing company.  iQ2Digital.com
  • BGW (Brew Grind Water) – a specialty coffee (& tea) machine sales, service, and repair company. Sales nationwide.
  • Nashville Discount Card – local fundraising and business promotion website.  NashvilleDiscountCard.com
  • US Discount Cards – National licensing of the proprietary discount card business system opportunity (your city may be available)
  • USA Cricket Field Design – Consulting on cricket field design for cities and universities.

Edward publishes several youtube/podcast shows, including:

  • Nashville2.com where he tells the stories of businesses and non-profits and people that interest him from across the Nashville metro.
  • Networking EDucation – a series of short videos where Edward covers basic tips for effective networking.
  • Barter Bing Barter Boom…It's Just That Easy. – Talking to people that use the managed barter system platform within Tradebank to help their businesses. BarterBingBarterBoom.com
  • Wake Up Call With ED and Paul – Business Talk. EDandPaul.com

Edward also is an accomplished speaker and presenter and has been a keynote speaker or panelist for business events, chamber of commerce both virtually and in person.

A personal highlight for him was being asked to speak to 10k+ people at the Georgia Dome. Ask Edward to speak at your next event. 

Edward has been married to Alice, “The Most Wonderful Wife in the World” ™ for over 30 years. They have 5 adult kids that claim them as parents, 1 grandbaby (very excited about that)  & a dog named “Mister”.

Edward is open to doing zoom 121's with any business owner or aspiring business and share his wealth of business knowledge.

Edward can be reached

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