Edwin Carrion

Edwin Carrion is a self-proclaimed God-made millionaire and successful entrepreneur who started his journey by washing cars to make money for what he wanted at the time.

Edwin Carrion, The God Made Millionaire was born in Quito Ecuador, raised by a single mother, in a humble home, migrated to the United States at the Young Age of 12yrs old and currently lives in Miami, Florida.
He is a loyal husband and a proud father of two beautiful girls, A United States Marine,
Entrepreneur, investor & mentor

He is the owner and co-founder of several Multimillion dollar companies that specialize in the acquisition and real estate development, transportation and logistics, investment, and business education and consulting.

His specialty and passion are teaching motivated individuals his secrets, techniques, and proven strategies that will create wealth in any business you choose and as a result of that achieving financial freedom and living life to the fullest.

Edwin enjoys and loves spending time with his beautiful wife and daughters, traveling the world, boating, and flying planes.  

Edwin is a highly respected public figure with high moral and ethical values and always willing to inspire and aspire people.

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