Melane Mullings

Melane Mullings has an incredible business story. She doesn’t just identify problems and endure them. Once she has endured, she looks for ways to make the change and improve those things.

Melane Mullings is a successful entrepreneur, cancer survivor, former registered nurse, founder of Aere Management Consulting, and now author.

Melane’s cancer journey provided her a deep understanding of the foundations of success which she extrapolated to her first entrepreneurial venture in the healthcare recruiting space.

Thirteen years after establishing and operating her nursing recruitment firm, Melane successfully sold her business, and is now sharing her unconventional, yet proven strategies to success in her #1 bestselling book: Lemonade! Squeeze Your Challenging Life Experiences Into a Successful Business, and through her Business Management Consulting practice, Aere Management Consulting.

Her consultancy grants her the opportunity to help struggling business owners transition to a state of sustained profitability, accomplish their business goals, build a solid foundation for growth, and learn strategies to enjoy an improved quality of life as a business owner. And through her book, her readers gain a deeper understanding of her three-pronged approach to success, as she reveals how to create and develop a purpose-driven, impactful, sustainably successful business.

Melane is passionate about helping others unearth their life's purpose, and empowers her audiences with key strategies they can practically implement to earn more, work less and unlock a truly fulfilling life. 

Prior to starting her business ventures, Melane graduated with honors from Queen’s University in Canada with a Bachelor of Nursing Science degree, and has worked as a Registered Nurse in both the United States and Canada. Melane holds the Registered Professional Trainer designation, is Business Management Consultant, and is on a mission to encourage, empower and equip an army of business owners with strategies to positively impact their world through the operation of their sustainably successful, purpose-driven ventures.

An active volunteer, philanthropist, Board member of the Canadian organization, Immigrant Women in Business, and a mentor with Futurpreneur Canada, Melane is also an avid reader, passionate Christian, and a lover of live jazz. She enjoys travelling (especially to Hawaii!), spending time with her husband and resides in Vancouver, Canada.

Her motto: “go boldly, dare greatly, love passionately, live intentionally” fully encapsulates her approach to life.

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