Episode 151: Victoria Pelletier – Unleash Potential Through Personal Branding, Resilience & Productivity

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Victoria Pelletier shares her journey from a challenging childhood to becoming a successful corporate executive and entrepreneur. She emphasizes the importance of personal branding and how it has played a significant role in her career success.

Victoria highlights four key components of a strong personal brand: subject matter expertise, storytelling, differentiation, and legacy and impact. She also discusses the importance of authenticity and connecting with your audience on both digital and in-person platforms.

Key Takeaways:

  • Personal branding is essential for career advancement and building relationships with clients and customers.
  • A strong personal brand goes beyond subject matter expertise and includes storytelling, differentiation, and a focus on legacy and impact.
  • Authenticity is key in building a personal brand and connecting with your audience.
  • Personal branding should be consistent across all platforms, both digital and in-person.

Victoria Pelletier

Victoria Pelletier, a prolific motivational and inspirational speaker.

Victoria is a 20+ year Corporate Executive, Board Director, #1 selling author and Professional Public Speaker. Nicknamed the “Turn Around Queen” and the “CEO Whisperer” by former colleagues and employers, Victoria inspires and empowers her team and clients to change mindsets and drive growth in business, leadership and culture.

As someone who does not subscribe to the status quo, she is always ready for new challenges becoming one of the youngest Chief Operating Officers at the age of 24, president by 35 and a CEO at age 41.

Victoria was recognized as one of the 100 Global Outstanding LGBTQ Executive Role Models by Involve (sponsored by YouTube), a 2023 Women of Influence by South Florida Business Journal, a semi-finalist in the 2023 50/50 Women on Boards Women to Watch, 2022 Top 30 Most Influential Business Leaders in Tech by CIOLook, 2022 Most Influential Entrepreneur of the Year by World Magazine, 2021’s Top 50 Business Leader in Technology by Insight Magazine and a Mentor of the Year by Women in Communications & Technology in 2020. HSBC bank awarded her the Diversity & Inclusion in Innovation award in 2019 and she was IBM’s #1 Global Social Seller ranked by LinkedIn in 2019 and 2020.

As a prolific motivational and inspirational speaker, Victoria has delivered keynotes discussing the significance of Whole Human Leadership – being an empathetic and authentic leader, as well as the importance of personal branding and its impact on professional growth; the power of DEI on corporate cultures and building a life of resilience.


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0:00:02Introduction to the podcast episode
0:01:35Victoria's origin story and her why
0:06:08Victoria's belief in choice and resilience
0:09:35Importance of surrounding yourself with positive people
0:10:45Victoria's education journey
0:11:59Victoria's early leadership roles
0:12:05Victoria's experience in the banking industry
0:12:35Victoria Pelletier's career transition and love for business
0:13:08Entrepreneurial spirit and experience with building and buying businesses
0:17:42Calculated risks and maintaining a salary for stability
0:19:18Current career transition and search for C-suite job
0:20:16Balancing multiple roles and maintaining personal and professional joy
0:21:46Empty nester with more time available
0:22:41Living by a schedule and creating boundaries
0:23:17Saying no to things that don't bring joy or value
0:24:21Making choices to create capacity and work on passion projects
0:25:01Reflecting on the importance of prioritizing and avoiding regrets
0:25:01Victoria initially didn't watch TV due to being a single parent and traveling for work.
0:26:41Finding downtime and relaxation is important even when being productive.
0:27:39Personal branding is becoming increasingly important in the age of AI.
0:29:18Four components of a holistic personal brand: expertise, storytelling, differentiation, legacy.
0:33:48Personal branding is an evolving process that requires time and reflection.
0:34:41Start building your personal brand now and adapt as you grow.
0:36:14Most people focus only on their expertise and job title.
0:36:35The average person may not be thinking about personal branding.
0:37:03Executives getting online presence wrong by constantly selling products.
0:37:53People know they need to be online but don't know how.
0:38:21Storytelling helps people connect and resonate with your brand.
0:39:08Determine your target audience and share stories that resonate.
0:40:34Be authentic and share personal stories to build connection.
0:42:01Be your authentic self both online and offline.
0:43:15Inspire others and give back through personal brand.
0:44:26Victoria Pelletier's impact and inspiration.
0:44:34Conclusion and appreciation.
0:45:02Sponsor message and contact information.
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