Episode 3: Developing a Profit Impacting Specialization

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Building a business is tough.  There are a lot of moving parts.  But something that I have always gravitated to from day 1 is defining what my speciality will be.  A specialty in your chosen field, business or career allows you to build an identity and brand that is more valuable and makes your services easier to sell.  It helps you attract better projects, projects you are perfect for.. and allows you to ask for more money.

It makes the job of marketing and selling your services or products easier.  

In this episode, I dive into the process in choosing a great specialization for yourself.  Then how to leverage that specialization in your marketing and to get more business.  And I define what role it plays; in that, it shouldn't be looked at as something that limits what you can do.  It can open more doors and attract greater opportunities.  


  • How you find your speciality
    • Consider your past experience
    • Special Knowledge
    • Special relationships
    • Monetary considerations —> is there a demand?
    • Don't sell yourself short or listen too much to others. Example : Magento vs WP
  • Establishing & Leveraging your speciality
    • Getting better at it.
    • Getting the word out… talk, talk, talk. Be social.
    • Baked into your marketing and focus.
      • This focus should be reflected in your branding, content.. website. Everything.
    • Look for side projects or complimentary business ideas. (eg, hexater).. again, to hone your skills, but also that help you leverage them and establish even more authority.
  • Marketing ‘Your Speciality'.. but not saying ‘no' to other things.
    • You have a speciality.. but that doesn't mean you can't take on other interesting projects.. it just guides you.
    • Be fluid —> refine your speciality as you gain experience and gain business.
  • Profit.


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