Episode 30: Meet Stephen Wilson Downey: His Journey & Developing an AI-based WordPress Plugin

The Builders episode 30 header joined by Stephen Wilson Downey with the topic if his journey & developing an Ai-based WordPress plugin. Listen on:


Join me for a discussion with Stephen Wilson Downey; our first guest from Ireland! Stephen and I first met on LinkedIn. We got on a call and talked about his product (an AI-based WordPress plugin) and what he was doing in the WordPress space. Of course, that lead to him being on this podcast episode.

Stephen's got an interesting backstory.. we dig into his roots, his journey as a chef, and how he discovered his love for business and entrepreneurship. We of course also dive into what he's been building these last couple of years. We get into AI systems, machine learning.. well, if that doesn't pique your interest already, I don't know what will! Enjoy the episode!

Stephen Wilson Downey

Stephen Wilson Downey is the CEO of a website.

Stephen Wilson Downey is the CEO of a website and software development agency & a company that provides a SaaS solution to automate website maintenance. Entrepreneurship has been at the very core of Stephen’s being stemming from his great grandmother who was the first female pharmacist in Ireland.

However, it would take years for Stephen to realize that he wanted to innovate and build his own company from the ground up. It was either tech or cooking when it came to Stephen’s ambitions after 8 years of being a chef Stephen realized his true calling was in business and tech. Stephen is now scaling two companies to follow his dream of innovating to solve the problems that businesses experience every day.


  • Introduction
  • Stephen's roots from Ireland
  • His love for cooking and technology
    • Chef experience
  • Computer support gig
  • Restaurant Venture
    • Sous vide way of cooking
    • Not letting go of the idea of establishing something
    • Taking the leap and opened his own business
  • Cause and effect scheme
  • Partnered with friends and started the web design agency
    • Focused in marketing and getting customers
    • Taking risks and failing but not crashed
    • “Pivot” mindset
  • The beginning of AI software development business
    • Case studies
    • Trial & error method
    • Installation process
  • The problem that started it all
    • The solution…Artificial Intelligence
  • The other side of AI depending on how you look at it
  • AIP WordPress Plugin
    • AIP development and data gathering
  • Machine vs Human Learning
    • How AIP works..
  • Testing AIP on our own sites
  • The Marshmallow challenge
  • Refocusing on the customers and just go on
    • The one thing he wants to do all over again
  • Stephen's Win..
    • The importance of having someone onboard with your ideas..
      Purpose and Mission


Stephen Wilson Downey's quote

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