Episode 7: Leverage WordPress to Do More for Your Clients!

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If you are starting an agency or are established, heads up! This is a great episode. ESPECIALLY if you don't currently sell web design services but have clients asking.. “can you provide web design services or do you know WordPress?”

Here's what's exciting… You don't have to do it! Partner up with an agency, get help, provide your clients more value and create new opportunities!

  • So a little background before I dig into this..
    • WordPress and I go back to 2004'ish…
    • In 2012, I made the decision to become a WordPress developer
    • I freelanced, worked for a corporation as their lead WordPress dev for 4 years.. led teams.. and..
    • Launched my own agency in Jan. 2019.
    • So.. I live and breathe WordPress.
  • My agency..
    • Custom Themes, features, maintenance..
    • And work with other agencies to deliver services to their clients.
    • And we are U.S. based.
  • Why WordPress
    • Hugely popular..
    • Thousands of plugins to extend what comes out of the box.
    • SEO out of the box.. plugins to extend that.
    • The right theme can make it as fast as any other site.
    • You can use pre-built themes OR go full custom…
      • Any design you create can be translated to work in WordPress. Few limits!
  • The agencies we work with don't build WordPress in-house.
    • But why do they need it?
    • So in order for them to sell their services, they benefit from having another web design agency to ‘work with' and deliver the site and content.
  • How do you get started finding that ‘other agency'?
    • Decide what you need..
    • Always keep an eye open..
    • Do outreach.. connect, communicate.
    • Understand the pitfalls


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