Episode 6: Let Your Users or Clients Guide You

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Having a clear guide to your business is indeed important. I find the evolution of products and services fascinating.  In so many cases the ideas we start with evolve into something else or we focus on something we couldn't predict.  

Even as an agency, we are doing things today that we would never have thought of on our own 2 years ago.

In this episode, I explore this and use some examples where this has happened in the real world for both products and services.

  • Note to my listeners about covid and the pandemic.
  • Had a conversation with a good friend the other day talking about business.
    • At one point, the topic of building something and then letting the customer guide you to the features that have the most value came up…
  • Starting with a big idea.. get it launched, observe.
    • Analytics
    • Feedback
    • Sales
  • The story of Instagram… starting as Burbn and then assessing the product which leads to focusing primarily on one thing: photographs specifically taken on mobile devices
  • Similar stories in the context of Hexater.
    • Large catalog, themes that floated to the surface.
  • Similar stories in the context of services..
    • New contracts, new ideas
  • So the lesson is…


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