Episode 71: Pricing – UWD Update, Team to Retainers to Hourly, The Million Dollar Agency Goal

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One of the goals of The Builders is to share stories to inspire the listener and learn from; real-life stories from the trenches. Being that pricing is such a critical component of so many businesses and agencies, this is a topic that we should visit from time to time.

Building off of Episode 4, I share my personal pricing strategies and how it's evolved over the years. What’s happened in the past year and a half since that episode? How big of a role does recurring income play now in my business and why I think it's something everyone should consider.

I round it off with a discussion about why ‘Hourly Billing’ is not always bad AND what my plans/goals are for the future. Big goals.. balanced by a no-stress approach. Enjoy!


  • Intro
  • Referencing Ep. 4
    • How I got started..
  • Where I left off..
    • What has changed?
    • The biggest change.. how it changed my mind.
      • “Don’t do hourly?”
  • Is hourly bad?
    • vs. project-based, value-based pricing.
    • Part of a variety of pricing strategies we use..
    • IN the context of yourself.. if you are solo.
    • My point is it changes when you have a team it’s charged against.
  • Starting to price things with ‘who is helping with this’ in mind.
    • Someone else doing the work.
  • Recurring monthly enters the picture ..
  • What I bring with me from my Internet Marketing days..
    • Why I back-end memberships..
    • VERY helpful. The foundation.
    • The layer of recurring income.. is predictable.
  • Introducing a new type of service .. maintenance-based.
  • Narrowing the vertical.. who we are working with.
  • Having a predictable income helps finance building the team.
  • ALL possible because I priced things.
    • Premium service.
  • IF YOU CAN FIND A WAY.. to form a service that you can create a recurring income, do it!
  • Example with plugins too.
    • YOU SHOULD be for paying for at least an annual license.
    • Everyone says don’t do it.. but!.. we do.
    • It’s different, again, if you are solo.
    • It’s not business we don’t need to turn away.
    • Examples of how it can be delivered..
      • Allotted hours to contracts..
      • Packaged hours..
    • Large hourly projects .. how can you turn those away?
    • If you can work out the numbers, you can do it!
  • What I charged in the beginning.. hourly. And why?
    • Starting low.. leverage to start charging high.
    • Gaining the experience to charge more..
  • Pricing dictated the type of clients and projects I got..
  • What’s the lesson it all?
  • What’s next?
    • Being 51 years old.. my last hurrah!
      • All the experience gained is being applied now..
    • 10-20 years.. probably going to be old. :wink:
    • In that context, I do have a revenue goal.
    • The first milestone achieved.. 6 figure business.
    • What’s the next?
  • I love what I do and am happy regardless of how long that next milestone takes..
  • What we are currently doing is working.
    • Including our marketing, social marketing, and networking..
    • I feel good about the future doing what we’re doing..
  • If I fall a little short? That’s ok.
  • Did my pricing strategy work? Yes!
  • Will I increase prices.. or how will it change?
    • Two things that play a role..
  • Product releases are part of this too! The Unified Toolkit and plugins..
  • If you have questions.. let me know!
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