Episode 64: Week in the Life of an Agency: Unified Web Design, April 11-15, 2022

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Matt’s trying something brand new in this episode. He’s always been a big fan of follow-along himself.. following along while someone or a business does ‘something’. Today you’ll listen in as he shares highlights from a week at his agency. Real calendar items, real projects.. what his team is working on.

Follow along as he shares the type of meetings he has – how many meetings does he have on a weekly basis? What is Matt working on personally.. what is one of his big focuses each week? How’s that plugin development going? What type of client projects are they working on?

Within that, he extracts lessons and gives you insights into what they are doing or why they are doing what they are doing. This includes how they manage and prioritize everything daily. Join us and experience the excitement.. Enjoy!


  • Intro
    • New guests coming
    • New sources for guests
    • Not making podcasting a ‘stress point’
  • Something new → Good to have a theme with each episode
    • What can help market a podcast ..
  • A week in the life – our new ‘follow along’ series! (maybe we’ll find others to contribute)
    • Unique – because it would have to be.. it’s my biz and every week presents new things.
    • Review this week.
    • Type of meetings and conversations
    • Type of projects
    • Some lessons along the way..
  • Meetings
    • Mon: Skipped.. VA is out all week
    • Tues: Standup with one of my developers
    • Tues: Recorded a podcast w/ Lorraine at More than a Few Words
    • Wed: Client: Client + IT guys + Me
    • Friday morning: Call about plugin project
  • This Weeks Projects
    • Our products
      • Plugin development
        • Bugs
        • Onboard new dev
    • Maintenance & Other Dev projects
      • Matt
        • Coordinating and managing projects
          • Making sure questions is answered, my team has what they need
          • Align resources ..
        • Discussions for a new maintenance contract
        • w9 for a new agency relationship
        • NEW QUARTERLY routines established.. for plugins
        • Updating WC roles
        • Affiliate program integration
        • LiveChat feature
        • Shopify, reviewing, and tweaking
      • The team
        • One dev working on updates to a site we’re rolling out for our products
        • Remove WC schema
        • Front-end dev project – FSE theme using our in-house boilerplate
        • Maintenance Routines
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