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This is a new type of segment for the Builders Crew! I've chosen a specific type of page on a website (the Team Page) and we're going to go through a project from start to finish. This will be great for anyone that has or is planning a team page .. whether that's your business OR something you are building for someone else.

I'm providing some background on the project as a whole and the relationship between us, the agency and client. We'll look at what decisions and changes were made along the way and what impact they had. As well as how that process looked.


  • Trying something new today..
    • Talking about a specific type of web page. Team pages.
    • I won't be pointing to a particular project (although I'm using one as a guide).. partly because recent ones I've worked on are white label projects.
  • But I thought of this idea where I walk someone through the process of building a page like this.
    • From a background of the project as a whole.. what are we working on?
      • What is a page like this used for..
    • To client input..
    • To how we got it done for the client..
    • Requirements..
    • Roadblocks we may have run into..
  • And maybe we take a similar approach to features and other things we work on.
    • I LOVE sharing real world examples.
    • I think it can be informative for businesses, agencies, freelancers.. just to see how something like this goes.
  • So this project..
    • For an agency do work for their client…
    • Full site redesign, updating an existing theme. WordPress.
  • The page
    • Team page
    • Where it started..
      • They had separate bio pages they were linking to.
      • And just a basic, one column layout with a few dozen people.
  • We updated the layout with the new design..
    • Some adjustments to the content.
  • But then after getting their client feedback, they felt the page was too long.
    • They also thought it'd be helpful to separate out the ‘locations'.
  • They found a page on the web to emulate.. a new grid layout. And we were to use that as a template to redesign and rebuild the page.
    • They decided they didn't want separate bio pages anymore as well.
  • So I took that, gave them an estimate of time and create a project out of it…
    • I gave this to a developer on our team.
      • Provided them with detailed requirements.
    • They communicated back to us as they built it.. got feedback along the way.
  • We decided we also need some navigation for the locations at the top.
    • I came up with a concept for that..
    • Sent it back my dev who created a nice menu at the top of the page that linked to each section.. with a nice smooth scroll event.
  • Couple other tweaks..
  • And rolled it out.
  • Now we're just waiting on some additional content and images.
    • We needed to communicate sizes..
  • That's it!
  • This is an important page for them. They have a large and team and need their contact details, links out to social media.. what their specialties are.
    • Whether it's a real estate, property, insurance sites.. having team pages that are easy to navigate, easy to read, understand.. where you can drill down to the information the visitor needs. It can help drive more leads, sales, and results for sure!


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