Episode 104: We’ve Built the Agency, Defined the Vertical.. Now Marketing & Sales. What We’re Doing!

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In this solo episode, I talk more about the new vertical my agency is launching into — Insurance.  Having an insurance background, this was probably always going to be a thing at some point.  But the way we've positioned ourselves as an agency, the team we built, the processes etc, is optimized to meet this new challenge with true confidence.  

In true ‘The Builders' fashion, I break it all down from the trenches.  What got us here?  Why are we so confident?  And why define a vertical in the first place?  It's probably obvious, but it provides a lot of benefits.  We can sculpt our offerings and what we build to a very specific use-case; specializing.  But also, it now allows us to execute on the marketing and sales side of things on a completely new level.  We can better target this market and, because of Matt's background, communicate with them in a way that should close more sales!

I also dive into the numbers game.  What sales experience in the past did I attain (hint, I was an insurance agent for a decade) and how does that apply to what we are doing now to help insurance agencies? Packed with lessons from the trenches.. enjoy!


  • Intro
  • How we got here.
    • With new vertical. More detail.
  • Spent four years
    • Building the agency..
    • …and products.
    • ..AND a team.
    • ..and processes.
    • Prepared or this new chapter
  • Building a scrappy and more agile team – AS OUR FOUNDATION
  • Narrowing .. we can ‘build sites better’
  • THE HUGE BENEFIT – We can get better at our marketing and sales. More focused.
    • The value of knowing the domain – understanding all that components with having to make it up in my head.
  • Direct email.. how that’s evolving.
  • Cost in the context of a sale
  • CONFIDENCE in what you do so you can close sales
  • 100% a numbers game – IF you have a good system fleshed out.
  • Traffic and Conversion must co-exist
  • Qualifying People
    • helps you scale more
  • New Agency Partnership
    • Building new relationships
    • The importance of the 1st client project
  • Interesting months ahead!

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