Episode 103 – Agency Update: Unified Toolkit & the Insurance Agency Websites Initiative! We have Begun!

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In this solo episode, I provide an update on my own business and what we're building. Actually, last year was the year we worked on building so we could launch into this year with a couple of initiatives and start marketing them. Before I dig into that I will provide a brief update of how my web design agency is doing.

The first initiative I cover is our launching into the insurance vertical. We're going to be building websites for insurance agencies (for starters). I'm really excited to help agencies enjoy the fruits of having full-site editing block themes. And of course, these are custom sites and include design as well. I talk about how we're actually going to market it. I hired some help.. who is she, where does she fit in and what's she going to do for us!

Then I provide a Unified Toolkit update. We're also poised to start marketing and driving traffic to this project. How will I be doing that?

And then I bring it all together and give a little insight into the grand vision. How do all these projects and my agency work together as a unit? These aren't all individual strategies. They all tie together and form a long-term vision for the Unified brand! Enjoy the episode!!


  • Intro
  • How’s UWD going
  • Our growing team
    • Hiring 2 new full-time employees 
    • Our focus – good pacing
  • Launching LeadsMagnet – Insurance Agencies
    • Traffic, Marketing
    • Why LeadsMagnet?
    • Why focusing on the Insurance Agency market?
  • LM Strategy – the service we want to do – build more WordPress themes/design
  • How will we market this service?
    • direct email marketing
    • launching on social media
  • Our goals for this initiative
    • trainings, memberships
  • UWD Product – Unified Toolkit
    • Helping Agencies and Freelancers
    • The revenue aspect
  • The exciting features we plan to add…
  • Focusing more on SEO, PPC, and Facebook Ads
  • Unified Toolkit vs LeadsMagnet
  • Every product we have is strategically connected
  • Trainings and Memberships
    • recurring income
    • predictable income
  • The Grand Vision
  • No Pressure :slight_smile:
  • Listening to your body helps a LOT
  • Invoicing – Freshbooks
  • Matt’s thought process to all of these
    • Looking at who we serve
      • digital marketing agencies
      • insurance agencies
      • freelancers
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