Episode 73: How the Unified Email Capture WordPress Plugin was Built & Launched.. the Process!

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In this solo episode, I talk about the launch of my new WordPress product, Unified Email Capture.. which was happening the day after this recording! And did launch by the way. 🙂 This plugin is the first of a series of plugins we are launching that will eventually form what we call a ‘toolkit’.

This toolkit is first and foremost going to be used in-house for our own sites and client projects; to build custom websites. But while we’re at it, we’re making each component available to the public as a premium plugin.

I talk about what got us here, the process and how our business as a whole benefits. Why ‘this’ plugin? How does it benefit our business and our future as an agency? Buckle up.. this is a true to form episode from the trenches. Enjoy!


  • Unified Toolkit … A breakdown and recap.
  • About Unified Email Capture, how it was built!
  • How I built the website to sell this plugin.. hint, our FSE Block theme! And what we use to sell.
  • A last minute change to this product after a marketing discussion..
  • What having this product now changes for us and how it influences our content marketing efforts. How do we benefit?
  • What did we learn from this process? How is that leveraged? Who else does this benefit..?
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