Episode 122 – Kavin Patel: Mastering Conversion Optimization and White Labeling

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Join me in this insightful episode of our podcast where I had the pleasure of hosting Kavin Patel, a seasoned entrepreneur and the co-founder of Convrrt. Kavin shares his journey from his early hustling days to building a successful SaaS company focused on conversion optimization.

We delve into the world of white labeling, discussing its potential and why more companies are choosing to focus on their core competencies and partner with others. Kavin also shares his thoughts on the impact of AI in the industry, and how Convrrt is leveraging it to help businesses convert visitors into leads, and leads into customers.

We also touch on the challenges of bootstrapping a business, the importance of setting processes early on, and the future of Convrrt. This episode is packed with valuable insights for anyone interested in SaaS, conversion optimization, and entrepreneurship. Tune in!

Kavin Patel

Kavin Patel is the co-founder and CEO of Convrrt.

Kavin Patel is the co-founder and CEO of Convrrt, the landing page platform used by SaaS companies. His 18+ years of experience helps SaaS companies grow with effective landing pages and marketing funnels. Outside of work, he’s a proud father, husband, and ASU alum.


  • Growing up – parents and family members always owned businesses
    • His parents wanted him to go to college
      • Hustling at a very young age
  • When he decided to do something on the Internet.
    • Partner and him got into building websites..
      • Niche: Conversion optimization
    • Build their own tool
      • Something for them to use..
      • Started the journey into SaaS
  • The White Label market
    • Maybe people want to white label a landing page builder
    • Approaching CRMs and Marketing Automation companies
      • Why don't THEY just build it? Rather than getting it White Labeled.
  • When companies started to focus more on the core thing they do.. and partnering with others instead.
    • He thinks there will be an increase in white label collaborations.
  • White Label
    • Focus on what you're core is, marketing etc.. your craft .. instead of building this tool.
  • How AI is impacting them?
    • Example, Sales Pages. Content of the page.. helping with the content.
  • Matt's experience with a conversion expert .. analyzing the pages manually .. our team implementing.
  • The Branding Aspect ➝ being able to input URLs.. page pulls in assets and builds the sales piece for you.
    • And you can work on refining your message.
  • Convrrt Goal ➝ Create tools that convert visitors to leads and then leads into customers.
    • Focused on that.
    • Analytics piece – a better story.
    • Some work to do on Split-testing.. up until now just gathering data.
  • Formed his company 8 years ago.. first contract 5 years ago.
    • Still on the journey..
    • Their main focus is on SaaS companies
      • Put their name on it
    • Embed in their own platform
    • Don't have an end-user model ‘yet' .. partnering with mcLabs to provide that solution.
      • Figuring out how to stand-out
      • Trying to focus more on the quick deployment and results
  • Asks Matt about his process as an agency owner.. improving out speed etc.
  • The DIY market vs what they are doing
  • Find your market to dominate
    • Who do you like to serve.. what's your passion.
    • Finding the need.
    • Talking to your customers.. run things by them.
  • Bootstrapping his business.
    • Building their offshore team
    • Made them be hungry – talk to customers, earn the contracts
    • It's hard to get through.. but wouldn't trade it for anything.
    • Made the disciplined around money and investing and grown..
    • In control of their journey.
    • Good to do this first before going out to get funding.
  • Challenges of growing the team.
  • Setting processes in place early on
    • So people don't repeat mistakes etc..
  • The future of Convrrt
    • Looks to the next quarter.. not future out.
    • Focused on building out their suite of products .. visitors ➝ leads ➝ customers
    • White labeling ..
    • Solving for other models
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