Episode 123 – Ricardo Boggs: Where Tech, Business, and Personal Growth Collide

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Join us in episode 123 as we sit down with Ricardo Boggs, whose journey represents the fusion of technology, business, and personal growth. His story starts with a passion for technology, ignited in the era of .com and nurtured through hands-on experiences like building computers and software. Ricardo's interest in tech led him to an education in Management Information Systems, which acted as a launchpad to a diverse career that included a stint at CityBank.

What makes Ricardo's story unique is not just his technological prowess, but his understanding of business and his passion for personal development. His ability to explain complex technical concepts to non-techies and his communication between business and other departments have been key factors in his success. But beyond that, his intrinsic motivation and dedication to empowering people have led him to the Brave Thinking Institute, where he'll be transitioning into a speaking, teaching, coaching, and motivational role.

In this episode, Ricardo shares his insights about the importance of communication, the extrinsic and intrinsic motivators that drive a team, and how he's helping others find what truly drives them in their lives. Tune in for a conversation that dives deep into the nexus of tech, business, and personal growth. Don't forget to share, like, and subscribe!

Ricardo was chosen to be one of twelve members of the Citibank Technology Leadership Program from thousands of applicants.

Ricardo Boggs has 10 years of experience in leadership in the Technology industry, and he currently serves as the Director of Technology for the Brave Thinking Institute. Additionally, he has been certified as a Life Mastery Consultant and helps people discover their purpose in life to live a happier, more fulfilling life.

Ricardo was chosen to be one of twelve members of the Citibank Technology Leadership Program from thousands of applicants. At Citibank, Ricardo was given the Excellence Award, crowned the winner of the Citi Ventures D10X Program, and delivered mobile solutions for Citibank partners, like American Airlines and Costco.

As a motivational speaker and life coach, Ricardo has spoken on stage with world-renowned transformational leaders, such as Mary Morrissey and Bob Proctor. He serves his clients by teaching them a proven, repeatable, and reliable system of transformation to empower them to live a life they love.


  • Introduction to Ricardo Boggs
    • Working with Doland White
    • Personal background and career journey
  • The Early Days
    • Why Ricardo abandoned Engineering for Management Info Systems
    • Influence and inspiration from a professor
    • His early career days at CityBank
  • Tech Interest Genesis
    • Growing up in the digital age and the .com era
    • Influence of video games, TiVo, and tech gadgets
    • Self-learning through exploration: building computers and understanding software
  • Balancing Business and Tech
    • Reasons behind choosing the path of ‘business'
    • Mediating between technical and non-technical teams
    • Communication techniques for bridging the gap
  • Learning and Developing Craft
    • Importance of versatile experience
    • The art of communication between business and other departments
    • Understanding priorities and boiling down complex information
  • Motivation and Success
    • The concept of “For the sake of what”
    • The power of sharing in successes
    • Understanding extrinsic and intrinsic motivators
  • Organizational Culture and Values
    • Regular reinforcement of the mission and core values in meetings
    • Inclusion of contractors in cultural reinforcement
  • Journey to Brave Thinking Institute
    • Transition into speaking, teaching, coaching, and motivation
    • Empowering people and helping them rediscover themselves
  • Ricardo's Future Goals
    • Helping people find their life's purpose
    • Assisting individuals during transitions
    • Leveraging technology for empowerment
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