Episode 13: Getting Started with a New Developer

The Builders episode 13 header with the topic of getting started with a new developer. Listen on:


If you're an agency that needs to or is trying to hire good web developers or have some other reason you need to find good people to do work for you, this episode is for you.

After building multiple teams over the years I've learned some lessons that help me find good people relatively consistently (knock on wood). I've hired people to help me build niche sites, create content, design, and develop. I've worked with creatives and techy people to build stuff on the web.

There's a process and some key things you need to consider if you are going to have success; considerations depend on who you are seeking and from where. Enjoy!


  • So this episode is geared towards those that outsource, hire new developers either in-house or out-house.. haha
  • Lowering expectations
  • Understanding what you know.. they don't.
  • Bringing them gently up to speed.
  • Testing them.. letting out the line.
    • Every source is different.
    • Save yourself time.
    • Listen, engage.. give.
  • You are building a relationship.
  • You are building a partner.
    • That partner needs to learn ‘your ways'.
  • Lesson – it's not all about you
  • Documentation
    • Review a recent doc I created for a new developer tackling a Hexater theme customization project.
  • Patience.. but understand it might not work out.
    • Test a small thing.
    • Review..
      • Cut them if it didn't work out.
      • See potential.. and build on it.


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