Episode 134: Entrepreneurs’ Roadmap to Servers, Growth & Security: From the Trenches & No Jargon Allowed!

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Entrepreneurs, get ready to dive into the world of servers, growth, and security without a hint of techy jargon (or a minor hint). In this episode, I'm sharing my personal journey from the trenches, revealing how I've navigated the complexities of servers and growth strategies without the tech overwhelm.

Discover the actionable insights I've gleaned from the front lines of my own server experience. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or seasoned veteran, these tips are tailored for those who prefer plain English over technical lingo. Join me as we explore the roadmap to robust servers, sustainable growth, and secure online ventures.

Tune in to episode 134 of “The Builders” and empower your entrepreneurial journey with no-nonsense advice. Together, we'll demystify the technical aspects of growing your online business in a way that's both engaging and easily digestible.


  • Introduction
    • Entrepreneurs' Guide to Servers
    • My Journey From the Trenches
  • Servers Demystified
    • Understanding Servers: No Jargon
    • Selecting the Right Server for Your Business
    • My Server Experiences & Lessons Learned
  • Growth Strategies
    • Building Sustainable Growth
    • Growth Hacks and Tips
    • Real-World Growth Examples
  • Security Insights
    • Importance of Robust Security
    • Simple Security Measures
    • Protecting Your Online Business
  • Conclusion
    • Key Takeaways
    • Actionable Advice for Non-Techy Entrepreneurs
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