Episode 127: Optimizing for Conversions: A Holistic Look at Website Performance

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In episode #127, I delve into a topic that's truly close to my heart: optimizing for conversions through a holistic look at website performance. This episode serves as an in-depth exploration of how every element of a website, from its loading speed to its design, influences its ability to convert visitors into customers.

From an SEO perspective, we discuss the importance of site speed and reliability, and how these factors impact search rankings and bounce rates. I also shed light on the vital role that technical teams play in maintaining both the server and the website framework, underlining that you don't always need a new website—sometimes, just a fresh design will suffice.

I share insights into specific optimization strategies, such as image optimization, using CDNs, and minifying, while emphasizing that sometimes an issue requires a total rethink. I underline the importance of a holistic approach to conversion optimization, explaining why every component of the website matters.

Throughout the episode, I share why I'm passionate about this topic and why it's crucial for other agencies and marketers to have someone who can help their clients with their websites. Tune in to understand the intricate web of factors that influence website performance and, ultimately, conversions.


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