Episode 126: Embracing Change & Innovation: My New YouTube Series Journey

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Welcome to episode #126 of my podcast where I delve into my latest adventure – launching a new YouTube series. This isn't just about a new series; it's about trying something different and stepping out of my comfort zone. It's about the pursuit of impactful content, the need for success to extend reach, and balancing the technicalities of optimization with the heart of content value.

In this episode, I pull back the curtain on the process of producing the series – from leveraging AI tools for scripting, refining ideas with personal research, to experimenting with recording techniques. Unlike my previous work, where the focus was me or my guests, this time it's about other companies and their fascinating stories. From global giants like Netflix and Amazon to smaller enterprises, we'll dive into what makes them unique.

Taking a step back, I also reflect on the broader context of running my business while venturing into this new territory. As you listen, you'll understand that it's not just about the end product but also the journey – the learning, the courage, the willingness to stumble, and the constant pursuit of growth. Remember, it’s not just about me, but you as well – how can you step out of your comfort zone? How can you take action today? Join me on this journey of exploration and innovation. Until next time, peace.


  • Introduction
    • Concept behind the new YouTube series
    • The necessity of success in reaching more people
  • The Evolution
    • Transition from personal content to discussing other companies
    • Incorporating big and small companies' stories
  • The New Approach
    • Short, impactful videos for shorter attention spans
    • Using AI (ChatGPT) for initial outline and research
    • Scripted yet organic, natural recording
  • Creative Process
    • Layers of recording: Multiple cuts and addition to Camtasia
    • Experimentation with video backgrounds and word effects
    • The role of stock videos and images
  • Learning and Growth
    • Setting a goal: Improving with every video
    • Commitment to creating at least 10 videos
  • Balancing Business with YouTube
    • Time constraints and other priorities
    • Learning from other YouTubers
  • Embracing Change
    • The necessity of trying new things
    • Balancing entertainment and education in content
  • Overcoming Fear
    • The importance of not worrying about perfection
    • Taking criticism in stride
  • Final Thoughts
    • The importance of courage and stepping out of the comfort zone
    • How to get started: Clearing your mind and taking action
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