Episode 120 – Completing the Transition: From Trello to ClickUp for Agency Project Management (Pt. 2)

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Welcome back to another solo episode of our podcast, Episode 120 (Pt 2.. Listen to Part 1 for full context: Ep. 116). This time, I take you on an exciting journey of our transition from Trello to ClickUp for project management.

In this episode, I share the process, challenges, and insights we gained while transitioning our team from Trello to ClickUp. This move was a significant one for us. The decision wasn't made lightly, but the benefits it brought to our team are undeniable. Learn about how we trained our team members, tackled initial obstacles, and how we hit the ground running.

Find out why we made the switch, how we kept our team updated, and the importance of being ahead of your clients' needs. Understand how we're managing the continuing transition of our documentation from Confluence to ClickUp, and why the move is well worth the effort. I also share my thoughts on how project management tools need to scale as your business grows.

Join me on this tech journey, exploring the world of project management, and stay tuned for more exciting conversations in upcoming episodes.


  • Introduction
    • The beginning of our transition journey
    • Why we considered ClickUp
  • Getting Familiar with ClickUp
    • Initial training with a ClickUp expert
    • Initial testing and feedback from the team
  • Preparing the Team
    • Training resources from ClickUp
    • Creation of a walkthrough video
  • The Decision-Making Process
    • The importance of commitment to decision
    • The challenges of integrating new tools
  • Addressing Existing Issues
    • Problems with Trello
    • The importance of visibility and tracking
  • Management Perspectives
    • The ripple effects of project management issues
    • Recognizing the need for change and seeking solutions
  • The Ongoing Transition
    • Moving documentation from Confluence to ClickUp
    • The benefits of in-context documentation
  • Reflections on the First Week with ClickUp
    • The daily routine with ClickUp and Slack
    • The value of an efficient project management system
  • The Evolution of Tools
    • The limitations of Trello as the team grows
    • The potential scalability of ClickUp
  • Final Thoughts and Advice
    • Advice for Trello/Blastian
    • Looking forward to future growth with ClickUp
    • Closing remarks

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