Episode 116: Switching Project Management Tools: Navigating the Transition in Your Agency

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In this 116th episode of our podcast, I take you on a journey through the process of considering a switch from Trello to ClickUp as the project management tool for my growing agency. With a larger team and multiple roles to manage, I discuss the importance of finding the right tool to streamline operations and improve overall efficiency.

Throughout the episode, I share the key steps I follow when evaluating and transitioning to a new project management system: identifying the problem, researching and evaluating potential solutions, involving the team in the decision-making process, and planning for a smooth transition. I also emphasize the importance of being prepared to revert to the previous tool if the new one doesn't live up to expectations.

Whether you're facing a similar decision or simply interested in improving your agency's project management, this episode offers valuable insights and practical advice from my personal experience. Stay tuned for a potential follow-up episode where I will share the outcome of my decision and any lessons learned along the way.


  • Intro
  • Identifying the problem with the current project management tool
    • Trello's limitations and the need for a more comprehensive solution
  • Researching and evaluating potential solutions
    • Introduction to ClickUp
    • Involving the team in the evaluation process
  • Planning the transition to a new tool
    • Ensuring a smooth and seamless transition for the team
    • Mitigating risks and having contingency plans
  • Importance of measuring success after the switch
    • Monitoring the effectiveness of the new tool
    • Addressing any issues that arise
  • The impact of change on team morale and happiness
    • Considering the team's input and concerns in the decision-making process
  • Considering a potential follow-up episode to share the outcome
    • Sharing the final decision and lessons learned from the process

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