Episode 115: The Art of Custom Web Design: Our Unique Approach & Process (and Why Go Custom?)

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In this podcast episode, I dive deep into the world of custom web design and discuss the ‘why' behind choosing a custom approach. As the owner of a web design agency, I share my unique approach and process for creating custom websites without starting from scratch.

Discover how my team and I use a mix of boilerplates, third-party features, and our in-house tools to deliver the perfect balance of customization and efficiency.

Learn about the importance of better branding, the freedom of designing without limitations, and how to avoid potential pitfalls when working with custom web design.

Plus, get insights into our tiered process and how we leverage the power of WordPress to create almost any custom feature. Join me for a comprehensive look into the exciting world of custom web design!


  • Intro
  • Custom Design can be applied to any website, not just WordPress
  • What does ‘Custom' mean
    • From a full website to custom features
  • Platforms, CMS exist for a reason.. people use them.
    • It works for some but not for everyone
    • Depends on the type of business and website need
    • Checks all the boxes
  • This is the way ‘Matt thinks about it’
    • IMO, this provides the best results
    • I can build whatever I want.. no restraints.
    • I don’t like saying ‘NO.
    • You’re not relying on a third party and their limitations
    • Better branding and uniqueness
      • Design on up.. instead of pre-built.
      • Brands want to be different from the competition
  • Pricing as one of the Cons of building custom
  • Ability to unleash designer.. no limitations.
    • Freedom of building custom.
  • You can design anything onto Elementor too. We can build Custom Elementor sites.
  • WordPress has very few limitations.. almost anything custom.
  • Our process and how we approach custom WordPress sites
    • Tiered processes to build out sections on the site.
    • Our Full-site Editing Block theme – in-house boilerplate
    • Design with Blocks
  • Tiered – not everything is custom.
    • Not every line of code ..Not all features or coded from scratch
    • We start with a boilerplate/framework
    • WordPress
    • The translation of the design – tiered
      • Start with Core Blocks (WordPress built-in blocks)
        • Patterns included
      • Our Unified Plugins (our products) which includes a blocks plugin.
      • 3rd Party Block plugins – that’s ok!
        • A Quality plugin .. your ‘go to’ options.
      • Custom Block
        • We leverage ACF’s blocks (advanced custom fields)
  • When custom goes bad..
    • Lack of support
    • Developer disappears
  • You need a developer or agency that can support you.. so you can enjoy the benefits of a custom theme. 

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