Episode 84: Should You Build a Site Using WordPress? Learn the #1 Reason It’s a YES!

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In this solo episode, I talk about my absolute FAVORITE topic. WordPress! This one is inspired by a Twitter post.. someone was asking if any of ‘us’ were experiencing people moving away from WordPress. Of course, that's anecdotal right? But it’s a great springboard into talking about why continuing to use, and build sites with WordPress or moving to WordPress is still a GREAT decision.

I talk a lot about it’s flexibility. How it can be used as a framework instead of a single, block solution. From headless CMS set ups to FSE themes to classic. We cover all the bases. On top of that, I share real world experiences and projects to drive home my perspective. A client moving from a non-WP to a WordPress site, non-WordPress agencies getting into the WP game.. blended builds (eg, WP, WooCommerce with a dash of Angular) ..

Buckle up! And get ready to become a fan. Enjoy!


  • Intro – Talking about WordPress today! Matt’s favorite topic. :slight_smile:
    • Why this topic today?
  •  Why people post things online.. anecdotal evidence.
  • Will WordPress level out? Max out? Fluctuate..?
    • Competition ..
  • Sharing some WP experiences from the trenches.
  • For me.. it’s doing great.
    • Why I attract so much WordPress ..
  • The potential and flexibility of WordPress today.
    • The evolution ..
    • Using it as a framework.
    • 55k+ plugins .. you can do almost anything.
  • Staying out of the ‘What If…’ conversations.
    • Anti-block faction .. understanding that.
    • Does it matter? No.. it’s flexible. Do what you want!
    • If it checks the boxes.. GREAT!
  • If we keep getting clients and maintaining WP Sites…
    • Clients are happy.
    • Clients moving to WordPress
    • We’re moving a large, non-WP eCommerce store to WP.
    • Non-WP Agencies.. expanding into WordPress offerings.
      • Should an agency ignore 40% of the market (the percentage WP commands right now).
  • We delivered an FSE theme to a new client.
    • They love it.. makes it so much easier to edit things.
    • Everything has it’s positives and negatives.
    • We learn the negatives by DOING.
  • Couple more ways you can ‘build WordPress’
    • Bootstrap
    • ACF – Advanced Custom Fields
  • The True Power of WordPress
    • Front-end WordPress
    • WooCommerce
    • Members area is Angular
  • If your reason is anti-WordPress because of blocks, THIS is why it’s a moot point.
  • Maintenance – the role it does play.
    • How we landed on our maintenance packages..
    • Our flavors of maintenance ..
  • Reading Content online..
    • Same stuff as years ago.. everything is dying.
    • Click bait
  • Matt Mullenweg's decision to embrace blocks
    • Was it the right one?
    • Having a visionary that see’s past what people are used to.
  • WordPress is challenging – from a dev perspective.
    • Why? And why is that fun for me!
  • Should someone MOVE to WordPress??
  • What is the #1 reason to use WordPress imo?
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