Episode 118: AJ Saunders – His Pivotal Moment: ‘Learning by Doing’ Leads to a Focus on eCommerce Clients

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In this episode of The Builders Podcast, we dive into the inspiring journey of AJ, a successful eCommerce marketing consultant. From his early days creating courses and helping companies with content development, KPIs, and analytics, to finding his true calling in eCommerce, AJ shares valuable insights and experiences that have shaped his approach to marketing and strategy.

Learn about AJ's “Ah-ha moment” that changed his perspective, the challenges he faced working with coaches and real estate agents, and how he discovered his niche in eCommerce. With guidance from experts like Christina Hooper, AJ has developed a solid marketing strategy and a unique approach to multi-touch point marketing that keeps him top-of-mind for his target audience.

Tune in to hear about AJ's desire to scale his business and achieve his dream of living in Monaco, as well as the importance of having a solid strategy and playing the long game for success. Don't miss this episode packed with valuable lessons and actionable tips for finding your own path in the world of eCommerce marketing.

AJ Saunders

Aj Saunders - Innovator and thought leader.

AJ Saunders is the founder of Audacious Commerce. He’s run an eBook publishing company, a global eCommerce shop, and has been in the trenches doing affiliate marketing. A couple of years ago, he realized he had never had a website content strategy or even KPIs. In fact, he had no plan to use SEO and content marketing to grow his website’s traffic.

But after spending many hours developing a unique SEO content framework and showing it to a few contacts, helping them use the system, he realized that his framework could help e-commerce businesses grow website traffic using blogging.  That continues to be his focus today through his agency!


  • Introduction and Background
    1. AJ's background in consultancy and eCommerce marketing agency
    2. His Ah-ha moment in 2022 that changed his perspective
  • Pre-Ah-ha Moment
    1. Creating a course
    2. Helping companies with content development, KPIs, analytics, and addressing customer questions
    3. Optimizing websites
  • The Desire to Scale and Achieve Personal Goals
    1. Living in Monaco and the necessary steps to achieve this dream
    2. AJ's experience with coaches as clients and the challenges faced
    3. Shifting focus to real estate agents
  • Discovering a Niche: eCommerce
    1. Working with an eCommerce client and discovering his strength in this area
    2. The initial three months of success and learning by doing
    3. Assistance from Christina Hooper and her helpful exercise
  • Developing a Marketing Strategy
    1. Importance of choosing the right game and tactics to win
    2. Addressing the common issue of tactics without strategy
    3. How AJ's new eCommerce focus shaped his own marketing strategy
  • Multi-Touch Point Marketing and the Long Game
    1. AJ's approach to being everywhere for his target audience
    2. The importance of content and maintaining top-of-mind awareness
    3. Emphasizing a solid strategy and playing the long game for success
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