Episode 117: A Baseline for Growth: Continuous Marketing & Site Enhancements for Your Business

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Hi, I'm Matt Levenhagen, and in Episode 117 of my podcast, we dive deep into the importance of ongoing marketing and website improvement efforts for any business! I'll be sharing my own experiences and examples of how my agency, Unified Web Design, LLC, has been continuously improving our websites and marketing strategies.

Throughout this episode, we'll discuss the benefits of continuous improvement, how it helps with client acquisition and retention, and its role in keeping our agency moving forward. We'll also explore our current marketing strategies, focusing on digital agency partnerships, custom design/dev work, and targeting insurance agencies. I'll share my experience with social media marketing and networking for referrals and visibility, and our efforts in other areas.

As we delve into the importance of a strong online presence, I'll explain how our five websites have played a critical role in promoting our business and establishing credibility; and what our work and roadmap looks like to continuously improve them. I talk about a series of recent updates to ALL our sites to improve or expand content.

Join me in this episode to learn more about maximizing your business’s growth through marketing and site improvement insights. Share your own experiences or questions on the topic, and let's continue the conversation!


  • Introduction
    • Matt Levenhagen & Unified Web Design, LLC
    • Episode Purpose
  • Part 1: The Benefits of Continuous Improvement
    • Personal Experiences
    • Client Acquisition & Retention
    • Staying Up to Date with Industry Trends
  • Part 2: Our Marketing Strategies
    • Digital Agency Partnerships
    • Custom Design/Dev Work
    • Targeting Insurance Agencies
    • Social Media Marketing & Networking
    • Direct Email Marketing Challenges
  • Part 3: The Importance of a Strong Online Presence
    • Our Five Websites
    • Credibility & Attracting Clients
    • The Need for an Impressive Online Portfolio
  • Part 4: Leveraging Content and Networking
    • The Business Podcast
    • Guest & Solo Episodes
    • Connecting with Potential Clients & Partners
  • Conclusion
    • Recap of Main Points
    • Encouragement for Continuous Improvement
    • Invitation for Listener Engagement

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