Episode 113: Conquering Self-Doubt: Matt’s Experience Harnessing Visualization for Entrepreneurial Growth

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In this solo episode, Matt shares his personal experiences with self-doubt, past failures, and the transformative power of visualization in driving business success. He opens up about his own struggles with thoughts like “things are going too well” and how he's learned to conquer those fears doing something similar to meditation and letting go of negative thoughts.

Matt discusses his journey through past business failures and the challenges of managing a growing agency. He reveals how he's overcome old negative habits and quieted the negative thoughts by embracing positive visualization. Learn the concept of counter-visualizing, a skill Matt uses to replace self-sabotaging thoughts with positive, goal-oriented imagery. From breaking down goals by quarter, month, week, and day, to the powerful skiing analogy, you'll gain valuable insights into Matt's personal journey and how visualization has played a crucial role in his business growth.

Finally, Matt shares the importance of daily routines, self-discipline, and habits in maintaining momentum and achieving success. He emphasizes how knowing his numbers, staying focused, and finding motivation from simply getting started has helped him propel his business to new heights. This podcast is an essential listen for anyone looking to learn from Matt's experiences and harness the power of visualization for exceptional business growth.


  • Intro
  • My struggles with ‘things are going too well’.
    • self-doubt
    • imposter syndrome
  • Scars from the past – failures
    • My past businesses
      • Art business, Contracting, Insurance..
    • From playing games to my business being my game
  • The pressure of a growing agency ..
    • How that’s looked for me
    • That feeling of the “higher you go up the higher you can fall”
    • The responsibility to my team
  • Positive vs Negative Visualization
  • The alternative to negative thoughts..
    • Lean into .. letting go of those things.
      • A skill to learn and focus on
    • Counter-visualizing – replace with positivity
    • Replacing old habits so as not to have that same negative result as before
      • Self-sabotage
  • The visualization spectrum
  • Visualize the steps and how the team develops
    • Breaking down by quarter, month, week, day
  • The Skiing Analogy.
  • Developing healthy habits and committing to it
    • Knowing your numbers
    • self-discipline + habits
  • Motivation coming from ‘getting started’

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