Episode 81: So Many Opportunities! Learn What It Takes to FOCUS & Build a Real Business Online!

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In this solo episode, I talk about the very real problem of all these money opportunities online that distract us from what we should be doing. This is not a new problem. I first started seeking opportunities online around 2003. And through the last few decades I’ve seen a lot of trends and opportunities come and go.

But I’ve enjoyed success in a number of arenas. And a BIG reason for that is my skills around ‘staying focused’. This is what we get into in this episode. How do I filter out all that noise? How do YOU pick a path and put your blinders on or only look deeper at opportunities that are in tune with what you’re already doing?

Your business plan should be your guide. You should have a clear picture of where you want to go and what you want to do. And then everything you do is for that end. There is certainly the risk you could ‘miss out’ and expect that to happen. But that’s balanced by a much more stable and long-term business that will provide for you for years to come. Enjoy the episode!


  • Intro
  • What do we do on solo episodes?
  • Todays topic – Focus in relation to the opportunities out there that distract us.
  • An update on how my business is doing.
    • Hiring my project manager.
  • The extra content on YouTube
    • The Extra
    • Agency Lessons
  • Carefully adding resources.
    • As we grow.. trying to weigh the amount of work we’re going to have month to month.
  • Unified Tookit? Our Plugins?
    • Why this topic? A recent conversation..
    • So many distractions..
  • Learning how to ignore and say no to things.
    • Define what you’re doing and judge against that.
  • In 20 years.. it’s not changed.
  • Filtering out emails.
  • They’re a GURU .. who cares!?
    • Does it fit what you’re doing?
    • .. gurus' I’ve known for years and I have never read or seen anything they’ve done.
  • You may try a lot of things IN THE BEGINNING.
    • But when I decided to do ‘x'.. I really focused in on it. And still do today!
  • Where do I think my focus comes from?
    • Real world business..
    • Think and Grow Rich.. or similar books.
  • Even thinking about other types of niches, clients..
    • Focus on a vertical..
    • Focus on specific services..
    • Focus on a specific way to build websites.
  • The good spot I’m in now..
    • New opportunities ..
    • Offer to join coaching programs
    • Offer to join a mastermind
    • Offer earlier in the year to get YouTube coaching
    • .. it’s a constant flow of people selling my their ‘programs’.
    • But I have learned to say ‘no’ or ‘not right now’.
  • “The more you focus.. the more success you will experience.”'
  • THE RISK Focusing
    • Missing out..
  • The benefits of building a REAL BUSINESS.
  • Doing things just for the money.. can lead to a dark place.
  • Doing what you enjoy makes it easier to focus too!
  • Many things you are sold are repackaged or renamed.. new coat of paint.
    • Over time gets easier.. “Been there, done that”
  • Find your lane, have a plan.. defined. Based on what you enjoy, care about and are skilled at.
    • Framework of actually building a business.
    • Stay focused on that..
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