Episode 95: Applying “Quality Assurance” When Delivering Services – Web Development & Design Teams

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In this solo episode, I talk about something that is incredibly important in my agency and with my team – quality assurance. As always, I speak to it from the trenches. This is how I think about it and how our team applies it daily to ensure everyone involved in a project has less stress.

Our first stop is ‘Why it Exists' in the first place. Why is it important to ensure you have good processes in place and ‘buy-in’ from everyone involved in a project? What influences how it's applied? And what is the impact if it's not applied? I also break down from a web design and development perspective how our team as a whole approaches it. Who gets involved and what does it look like?

I discuss specific examples which include projects we've applied it to in the realm of web development and on the design side. Also, I explain how user testing in general is also part of the process and the importance of the all important retrospective. Enjoy the episode!


  • Intro
  • Defining Quality Assurance – ensuring the quality of what you deliver
  • Testing, Reviewing and Double-checking
  • Why should Quality Assurance exist?
  • Client Retention – we need to care, brand
  • Testing as you go..
  • Fewer surprises and stresses on the team & client
  • QA is about knowledge and experience..
  • How much QA do you need to do?
    • Project-driven
    • Revenue-driven
    • Time-driven
  • What is the impact if something goes wrong?
  • Payment Plugin example
  • We’re not just web developers or web designers..we have an important role in your business too!
  • No dedicated QA Team
  • QA baked process from start to delivery
  • Multiple Eyeballs 
    • Myself or another team member
  • I always TAKE THE TIME to double, and triple check before the project reaches our clients
  • Quality Assurance means NOT RUSHING things
  • “If you’re not sure, let’s make it sure!”
  • I can assume because I have the right people but I still need to review and check on them..that’s how we do TEAMWORK
    • We all can learn and improve
    • Allow your team to say ‘NO ‘ and be open to their suggestions
  • Back-up and ways to revert in place
  • Making sure the designers and developers are working parallel to the project
    • Feedback – Iterations – Getting it Done
  • User-testing
    • Getting others outside the dev or design team to review and test
    • Get reports of things you didn’t catch from other users/testers
  • Retrospectives with the team
    • What can we do better?
    • What things can we improve more?
    • What changes do we need to start making?
  • Team communication is really important to attain Quality Service
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