Episode 153: Alexander De Ridder – AI Agents Unleashed: How Businesses Must Adapt or Fall Behind

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Alexander Day Ritter shares his origin story, growing up in a small village in Belgium and his early fascination with computers and technology. He discusses the importance of creativity and how it has shaped his career in AI.

Alexander emphasizes the need for businesses to embrace AI and the potential it holds for improving processes and creating value. He also talks about the concept of AI agents and how they can revolutionize industries and transform the way we work.

Key Takeaways:

  • Embrace AI as a tool to improve processes and create value in your business.
  • Think of your company as a story and communicate that story to inspire your team and customers.
  • Focus on soft skills and creativity to thrive in the AI industry.Start collecting and storing data now to prepare for the future of AI.
  • Use AI agents to offload tasks and increase productivity in your business.

Alexander De Ridder

Alexander De Ridder is the trailblazing Co-Founder and CTO of SmythOS.

Alexander De Ridder is the trailblazing Co-Founder and CTO of SmythOS.

He stands at the forefront of AI innovation, leading SmythOS in creating the world's first operating system powered by coordinated AI agents. His expertise isn't just theoretical; it's grounded in 15+ years of experience across computer science, entrepreneurship, and marketing. This unique blend allows him to translate complex AI concepts into practical, actionable insights for business audiences.


  • Introduction
    • Matt's Opening Remarks​​
  • Alexander's Background and Interests
    • Intersecting Technology, Creativity, and Human Interaction​​
  • Educational Experiences
    • Traditional Education vs. Entrepreneurial Spirit​​
  • Early Career and Family Influences
    • Lessons from Family Business and Hairstyling Background​​
  • Journey to the United States and Career in Technology
    • Transition to a Developer and Machine Learning Specialist​​
    • Entrepreneurial Ventures and AI Software Company​​
  • Building a Distributed Business Model
    • Challenges and Strategies in Managing Distributed Teams​​
  • Workplace Culture and Employee Management
    • Importance of Stability and Growth Opportunities for Employees​​
  • Role of AI in Business and Society
    • Impact of AI on Job Security and Future Prospects​​
  • Historical Analogies and AI
    • Comparison of AI to the Printing Press and Its Societal Impact​​
  • Adopting AI in Business Strategy
    • Embracing AI for Competitive Advantage​​
  • Creative Applications of AI
    • Innovative Uses of AI in Various Fields​​
  • Future of Freelancing and AI Integration
    • Predictions about the Evolution of Freelance Marketplaces​​
  • Smith OS: An Agent Building Framework
    • Overview of Smith OS and Its Capabilities​​
  • AI Integration in Business Departments
    • Anticipated Widespread Use of AI Agents in Business Processes​​
  • Client Focus and Business Strategies for Smith OS
    • Target Clients and Business Approach for Smith OS​​
  • The Future of Agent Engineering and AI Marketplace
    • The Evolving Role of Agent Engineers and AI in Business​​
  • Closing Remarks and Contact Information
    • Final Thoughts and Contact Details​

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[0:00:17]Introduction and podcast subscription request
[0:00:41]Introduction of Alexander and his role as an AI expert
[0:02:31]Alexander's origin story in Bruges, Belgium
[0:07:20]Alexander's family background in hairstyling and business
[0:11:41]Alexander's introduction to computers through his disabled uncle
[0:14:49]Alexander's experience with early software and building computers
[0:15:20]Alexander's first computer and programming in Basic and Pascal
[0:15:55]Alexander's education and strengths in technology and creativity.
[0:16:41]Different ways to measure success in education.
[0:17:20]Lack of encouragement to think outside the box in education.
[0:18:19]Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs in the hair industry.
[0:19:33]Learning about entrepreneurship and people skills in the hair industry.
[0:20:17]Moving to the United States and pursuing technology and creativity.
[0:22:34]Sharing the unique experiences of growing up in Belgium.
[0:23:07]Differences in origin stories and learning from other places.
[0:26:17]Building a distributed and diverse global team.
[0:29:48]Importance of soft skills and providing stability and growth opportunities.
[0:32:16]Importance of thinking of a company as a story
[0:33:21]The need to communicate a shared mission and values
[0:34:39]Embracing the uncertainty and potential of AI
[0:37:42]The consciousness and impact of AI on society
[0:39:50]The importance of talking about AI for good
[0:42:01]Spreading the positive outlook and momentum of AI
[0:44:01]Comparing AI adoption to the printing press
[0:46:07]Holding back AI can be the downfall of a business
[0:46:48]The need to embrace AI to stay competitive
[0:47:35]Choosing not to adopt AI is planned obsolescence
[0:48:15]Use AI to elevate team members and make competition obsolete
[0:49:01]Aim for a smaller team that does more
[0:50:41]Start by preparing and storing data in a database
[0:51:53]Be a data hoarder to benefit from future technology
[0:52:49]AI agents will replace platforms like Upwork and Fiverr
[0:54:31]Create AI agents that represent brands or individuals
[0:56:13]The interactive web will replace traditional websites
[0:57:14]Agents combine AI with tooling to have agency
[0:58:59]Smith OS enables building and running AI agents
[1:01:20]Future of business is working with AI colleagues for efficiency
[1:03:05]Creating custom GPTs and using them for various tasks
[1:04:17]Using Smith agents for advanced tasks like radiology and logistics
[1:05:46]Focusing on enterprise clients with valuable processes to solve
[1:07:03]Partnering with agencies to execute work using Smith
[1:09:51]Scholarship program for individuals to access Smith
[1:13:03]Limiting access to focus on high-value clients
[1:14:28]The importance of intellectual curiosity in agent builders
[1:15:29]Future potential for agent marketplaces and increased productivity
[1:16:46]The benefits of being an agent builder
[1:17:33]Connect with Alexander on LinkedIn, Twitter, or join the Discord group
1:18:20People are doing unbelievable stuff with AI.
1:18:46Agencies with 1200 developers are reskilling and learning AI.
1:19:19Contact information for the podcast and sponsor.
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