Episode 139: Jonathan Green – Leveraging AI for Business Success and Entrepreneurial Insights

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Hey there, Builders! Welcome to Episode #139 of “The Builders” podcast. This episode is an absolute treasure trove for anyone interested in entrepreneurship, AI, and business growth. I had the pleasure of diving deep into a conversation with Jonathan Green, an expert in AI and ChatGPT technologies. We explored everything from the setbacks that fueled our entrepreneurial journeys to the strategies that have helped us succeed.

In this episode, Jonathan shares invaluable insights on the practical aspects of entrepreneurship, such as attracting clients, learning from experiences, and the necessity of taking massive actions. We also got into the nitty-gritty of AI, discussing how to best interact with it to streamline business operations. If you've ever been curious about how AI can be a game-changer for your business, you won't want to miss this.

But it's not just all technical talk. Jonathan and I get personal, discussing our own setbacks, learnings, and how we've evolved our businesses over the years. You'll hear about the importance of personal branding, pricing strategies, and even how to “fire” clients that are not a good fit.

So tune in, take notes, and get ready to build a smarter, more efficient business. Don't forget to hit that subscribe button for more insights and stories from the trenches of entrepreneurship!

Jonathan Green

Jonathan Green, an expert in AI and ChatGPT technologies

Jonathan is an expert at using Artificial Intelligence tools to accelerate your online business. He is the bestselling author of ChatGPT Profits, has a mailing list of 100k+ subscribers, and hosts a podcast with 250+ episodes. He has been running an online business full-time since February of 2010 and is an expert in using ChatGPT, MidJourney, Claude and Leonardo to grow your online business.

He helps new entrepreneurs to leverage AI to generate real revenue quickly and start replacing their existing 9-5 revenue. He has two successful AI Training programs – AI Freedom for entrepreneurs and Fractional AIO for businesses.


  • Introduction and Background
    • Jonathan Green's expertise in AI
    • Why this conversation matters to entrepreneurs
  • Jonathan's Origin Story
    • Fired from a dream job
    • The birth of entrepreneurship
  • Power and Job Security
    • Risks of single income sources
    • Taking control of financial security
  • Starting with Services
    • First client from Craigslist
    • “Eat what you kill” mentality
  • Importance of Visibility
    • Transition to ghostwriting
    • Telling people about your services
  • Creative Confidence and Client Attraction
    • Unique approaches to standing out
    • Learning from entrepreneur meetups
  • Client Experiences
    • Good and bad client experiences
    • Identifying and “firing” bad clients
  • Value of Time
    • Demanding vs. hands-off clients
    • Case example of a hands-off client
  • Taking Massive Action
    • Seeking opportunities and continuous learning
    • Adapting based on experiences
  • Personal Branding and Pricing
    • Perception and value
    • Pricing strategy and anchoring
  • Effective Communication
    • Describing your job succinctly
    • Importance of specific word choices
  • Client Communication and Management
    • Understanding client needs
    • Setting client expectations
  • Confidence and Self-worth
    • The role of confidence in business
    • Pricing and negotiation
  • Career Transitions
    • From SEO to course creation
    • Focusing on business aspects of authorship
  • AI in Business
    • Utilizing ChatGPT in workflow
    • Matt's experience with AI
  • AI Adoption and Misconceptions
    • Common fears and clarifications
    • Jonathan's take on AI usage
  • Understanding AI Limitations
    • Inaccuracies and misleading information
    • Practical advice on AI limitations
  • Optimizing AI Interactions
    • Asking specific questions
    • Best practices for data narrowing
  • AI in the Open Source World
    • Emergence of free and competitive AIs
    • Mention of AI called “Flower”
  • Advanced AI Interactions
    • Importance of specific prompts
    • Avoiding “garbage in, garbage out”
  • Custom Instructions and Personality in AI
    • Matt's custom instructions
    • Adapting AI to different tones and styles
  • Business Applications of AI
    • Advanced features like data analysis
    • Versatility and feature complexities
  • Closing and Future Engagements
    • Plans for future episodes
    • Where to find more resources from Jonathan Green
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