Episode 154 – Our 2024 Unified Blueprint: 4 Key Pillars, Services PLUS Products Strategy

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In this insightful solo episode, Matt Levenhagen delves into his strategic blueprint for 2024, focusing on the integration of services and products. He reflects on pivotal decisions, emphasizing the ‘4 Key Pillars' that are central to his vision for growth and innovation.

Matt shares his journey of transitioning from an insurance niche to a broader focus, underlining the importance of adapting and refining business strategies. He also introduces Unified Plugins, a burgeoning product arm of his business, and discusses how it fits into his comprehensive services-plus-products strategy.

The episode highlights the creation of a cohesive ecosystem, where diverse websites and content not only coexist but thrive together, bolstering the overall brand.

Wrapping up, Matt expresses deep appreciation for his team's dedication and his listeners' unwavering support.

Key Takeaways:

  • The integration of services and products is key in a dynamic business landscape.
  • Strategic planning and focus on core pillars are instrumental for business evolution.
  • Adapting business strategies to current trends and needs is vital for success.
  • A unified ecosystem of products and services enhances brand strength and growth.
  • Passion, team support, and strong relationships are cornerstones of business success.


  • Introduction: Reflecting on Past Decisions and Future Strategies
    • Overview of the episode's focus
    • Brief background on the host's entrepreneurial journey
  • From Generalist to Specialist: Focusing on Core Strengths
    • The transition from a broad to a niche market
    • Insights into the decision-making process
    • The importance of recognizing and leveraging core competencies
  • The Insurance Niche: A Strategic Decision to Pivot
    • Initial foray into the insurance niche
    • Challenges faced and lessons learned
    • The pivotal moment leading to a change in direction
  • Building UnifiedPlugins.com: Expanding into Product Development
    • The conception of Unified Plugins
    • The journey from service-based to product-based offerings
    • Challenges in product development and market entry
  • The Importance of Focus: Concentrating on Four Pillars
    • Detailed discussion on the Four Pillars of Business Success
    • Applying these pillars to real-world business scenarios
    • Strategies for maintaining focus and consistency
  • Networking and Content: Leveraging for Business Growth
    • The role of networking in business expansion
    • Content creation strategies for audience engagement
    • Balancing SEO and social media for optimal impact
  • The Role of SEO and Social Media in Building Brand and Relationships
    • Insights into effective SEO practices
    • Leveraging social media for brand building
    • Stories of successful relationship building through these channels
  • Future Plans: Scaling Up and Diversifying Revenue Streams
    • Short-term and long-term business goals
    • Strategies for scaling up operations
    • Exploring new avenues for revenue diversification
  • Personal Reflections: Gratitude, Motivation, and Aspirations
    • Reflecting on personal growth and achievements
    • The role of motivation in driving success
    • Future aspirations and closing thoughts

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[0:00:17]Introduction to the episode and the importance of strategic decision making
[0:03:27]The need for focus in business and the danger of pursuing too many ideas
[0:06:07]The desire to create and sell products alongside services
[0:09:22]The initial idea to pursue the insurance niche but ultimately deciding against it
[0:12:41]The insurance niche becoming a distraction and the strategic decision to shut it down
[0:13:35]The importance of making decisions based on where the business is headed
[0:00:41]Conclusion and reflection on the decision-making process
[0:14:11]Matt shuts down insurance agency website to focus on other projects
[0:15:20]Unified Plugins is a new focus, building WordPress plugins
[0:18:24]Matt's passion is building websites and plugins
[0:21:56]Four pillars of Matt's business: Unified Plugins, Unified Web Design, Matt Levinhagen, The Builders
[0:24:49]All four pillars work together and promote each other
[0:27:30]The Builders podcast targets businesses and helps with networking
[0:28:07]Matt and his marketing team discuss the plan for the year
0:28:56Weekly and monthly SEO reports have been delivered for the last few months.
0:29:28Social media and SEO work together as a unit.
0:30:15Networking is an important aspect of the business.
0:31:15No paid advertising, focusing on organic growth and scaling efforts.
0:31:47Content creation and podcasting are key components of building the brand.
0:32:20Social media may not have massive engagement, but it's still effective.
0:33:26Gratitude for the support and hope to continue inspiring and motivating.
0:34:14Looking forward to more amazing guests and stories in the future.
0:34:46Closing remarks and contact information for Unified Web Design.
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