Episode 146 – Stretching the Boundaries: Embracing New Challenges in Business

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In this solo episode of The Builders, I'm thrilled to share my journey with you – a story of growth, learning, and innovation. We delve into how my agency has evolved over the years, embracing challenges such as full-site editing themes and headless CMS in WordPress.

Our conversation takes you through the trenches, revealing how we've expanded our services beyond traditional WordPress development, including working with videographers and copywriters to deliver sophisticated and comprehensive solutions. I discuss our venture into headless CMS projects, reflecting our commitment to stay on the cutting edge of technology.

This episode isn't just about the technicalities; it's a reflection on growth mindset, stretching our capabilities, and the importance of a versatile, skilled team. I hope this episode inspires you, whether you're a web developer, an agency owner, or simply someone passionate about the ever-evolving world of digital creation.


  • Introduction to the Episode
    • Solo episode with Matt Levenhagen
    • Overview of the agency's journey
  • Evolution of the Agency
    • Early years and initial focus
    • Transition to maintenance and custom work
  • Full-Site Editing and WordPress Innovations
    • Embracing full-site editing in WordPress
    • Learning and developing new skills
  • Headless CMS Projects
    • Venturing into headless CMS
    • Technical challenges and team collaboration
  • Collaborations and Expanding Services
    • Working with videographers and copywriters
    • Integrating sophisticated design and animation
  • Growth Mindset and Agency Philosophy
    • The importance of stretching capabilities
    • Balancing risk and innovation in business development
  • Conclusion and Reflections
    • Key takeaways from the agency’s growth
    • Encouraging listeners to embrace challenges and innovation

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