Episode 141 – Resolving Business Issues & Client Fires While on a Weekend Adventure

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In this episode, I delve into a weekend getaway that turned into an unexpected business troubleshooting adventure. As entrepreneurs, we often find ourselves in situations where business challenges don't respect our personal time. This weekend was no exception. As I was enjoying a Frank Lloyd Wright tour, the tranquility was punctuated by client emergencies that needed my immediate attention. But being prepared has always been my mantra, and this scenario tested my readiness and responsiveness against unforeseen business hurdles.

Equipped with my trusty laptop and the essential tools of my trade, I navigated through client and partner issues, ensuring that business continuity was maintained even in my absence. I share how the ability to stay connected, having a reliable team back at base, and maintaining open channels of communication with clients and partners can make a huge difference in managing unexpected business issues. It's about striking that delicate balance between addressing critical business needs and enjoying a well-deserved personal break, showcasing the life of an entrepreneur in its true, unpredictable form.

Join me in this candid narrative as I unfold the events of that weekend, share the lessons learned, and the importance of being prepared for the unexpected. Whether you're on a weekend getaway or simply away from your desk, the business world continues to spin, and how we respond to these unforeseen challenges defines our entrepreneurial journey. It's a blend of preparation, rapid response, and maintaining a calm demeanor amidst the chaos that keeps the entrepreneurial spirit resilient and ready for whatever comes next.


  • Introduction
    • Overview of the weekend getaway
    • Objective of sharing this experience
  • Preparation for the Break
    • Planning a week in advance
    • Ensuring team has enough work
    • Informing clients and partners
  • Day-to-Day Management During Break
    • Daily checking of notifications
    • Addressing high-priority concerns
    • Utilizing available tools (laptop, phone)
  • Specific Incidents
    • Client's Salesforce integration issue
    • Partner's client website content issue
    • Form disappearance on contractor site
  • Response Strategies
    • Communication with clients and partners
    • Relying on the team back home
  • Reflections and Lessons
    • Importance of being prepared
    • Balancing personal and professional life
    • Adapting to unexpected situations
  • Future Preparations
    • Having a route for handling emergencies
    • Importance of good relationships with clients and partners
  • Conclusion
    • Recap of key lessons
    • Preview of potential podcast structural changes
    • Sign-off
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