Episode 162: Andrei Mincov – The Trademark Factory’s Origin Story & a Deep Dive into Trademarks!

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In this engaging episode, Matt welcomes intellectual property expert Andrei Minkoff to explore the significance of trademarks for entrepreneurs. The conversation starts with Andrei's foundational story, which is rooted in his father's encounter with copyright infringement, fueling Andrei's eventual immersion into the world of intellectual property law.

Andrei shares his journey from Russia to Canada, his struggles with establishing his law career overseas, and how these experiences led him to launch Trademark Factory. With profound insights into the trademarking process, Andrei highlights the importance of protecting one's brand and the ingenuity of his business model, which guarantees results for a flat fee.

Key Takeaways:

  • Trademarks are crucial for legal brand ownership and enforcement against imitation.
  • Andrei Minkoff’s journey in IP law was inspired by his father's struggle with copyright infringement in Russia.
  • Founding Trademark Factory, Andrei developed a unique trademark registration service with guaranteed results for a guaranteed budget.
  • Statistics show a high percentage of trademark applications initially get rejected, highlighting the importance of professional help in the process.
  • Entrepreneurs should value their brand and consider trademarking early to avoid costly legal disputes.

Andrei Mincov

Andrei Mincov, the founder of Trademark Factory.

Andrei Mincov began his journey in intellectual property with a pursuit to protect his father's intellectual property from Samsung in 1996.

After winning that case, Andrei's career as a lawyer jumped forward, as he began working for the world’s biggest international law firm, with clients like Apple, Google, Porsche, and Microsoft. After moving to Canada from Russia in 2007, Andrei went through 3 more years of law school and received his Canadian lawyer and trademark agent licenses.

In 2011, inspired by Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Andrei started his own IP law firm.

In 2013, after seeing an opportunity to offer something unique, Andrei decided to revolutionize trademarking services by having one flat fee that would cover the entire trademarking process with a 100% money-back guarantee. That same year he renamed his company Trademark Factory®.

In 2022, Andrei relocated to Dubai and set up a second office for Trademark Factory.

All these years and thousands of registered trademarks later, Trademark Factory® remains the only firm in the world that offers a guaranteed result for a guaranteed budget.


  • Introduction to Andrei Mincov and the Trademark Factory
    • The foundational story behind Andrei's passion for intellectual property
    • Transition from Russia to Canada and establishing a career in law
  • The Birth of Trademark Factory
    • Challenges of starting and running a unique legal service
    • The innovative business model: Guaranteed results for a flat fee
  • Understanding Trademarks
    • What trademarks cover and their importance for businesses
    • Common misconceptions about trademarks
  • The Importance of Trademarks for Entrepreneurs
    • Legal ownership and brand protection
    • Case studies and success stories of trademark protection
  • Navigating the Trademark Registration Process
    • The high rejection rate of trademark applications and the value of professional assistance
    • Trademark Factory's approach to ensuring a high success rate
  • Strategic Advice for Entrepreneurs
    • When to consider trademarking your brand
    • Prioritizing what to trademark based on business needs and budget
  • Andrei's Personal Journey and Philosophy
    • From personal struggles to professional achievements
    • The role of perseverance and innovation in overcoming challenges
  • Final Thoughts and Takeaways
    • The overarching significance of trademarks in building a successful brand
    • How Trademark Factory is changing the landscape for entrepreneurs seeking to protect their intellectual property

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0:00:17Introduction to the episode and guest
0:03:00Andre's origin story and how he got into trademarks
0:06:04Andre's first experience fighting for his father's copyright
0:08:18The impact of the case on Andre's career
0:11:40Andre's move to Canada and going back to law school
0:14:47Andre's realization after reading “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”
0:14:41Conclusion of Andre's story
0:15:23Andrei's experience working for a law firm in Canada
0:16:07Andrei's struggle to find a job as a lawyer
0:17:00Andrei's decision to start his own law firm
0:19:00Andrei's realization about the market for trademarking services
0:21:09Andrei's motivation to create a better offer for entrepreneurs
0:22:20Andrei's experience at a trademark association meeting
0:24:09The offer of trademark registration services with guaranteed results
0:24:56The alignment of interests between Trademark Factory and clients
0:26:37Trademark Factory's commitment to caring about clients
0:27:58The spreading of risk in Trademark Factory's business model
0:29:21Trademark application rejection rates and Trademark Factory's success rate
0:30:32Websites using similar engines to domain names for trademark searches
0:30:51The importance of a thorough trademark search
0:31:26Options if a trademark cannot be obtained
0:32:03The mission to help entrepreneurs build amazing brands
0:32:59Understanding the passion behind trademarking a brand
0:34:28Importance of trademarks for small businesses and agencies
0:34:59When to consider trademarking in the business journey
0:35:20Comparing trademarks to fire insurance for businesses
0:36:10Historical perspective on brand protection without trademarks
0:37:24Owning a brand requires legal enforcement through trademarks
0:38:19Limited legal protection without trademark registration
0:38:48Cost and uncertainty of relying on legal history in court
0:40:12Historical development of trademarks for industrialized brands
0:41:31Trademarks as an easy way to prove brand ownership
0:42:05Trademarks as a signal of brand importance and protection
0:42:45Importance of trademarks for legal presumptions in court
0:44:02Cost and complexity of proving brand ownership without trademarks
0:44:54Trademarks may not be glamorous but are necessary for success
0:45:01Comparison to website maintenance as an essential but overlooked service
0:45:33What does a trademark cover?
0:45:54Big brands have trademarks for names, logos, and more
0:46:23Reasons why big brands file for numerous trademarks
0:47:29Trademark Factory's strategy advisors help prioritize trademarks
0:48:33Trademarking what needs to be protected and explaining risks
0:49:18The importance of a brand beyond just a logo
0:50:41First steps to get trademark help from Trademark Factory
0:51:57Find Trademark Factory on YouTube for trademark videos
0:53:33Your brand is not worthless, protect it
0:54:28Conclusion and sponsor message
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