Episode 173: Monica Pitts -Transforming How You See Your Website – A Productive & Effective Employee!

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In this episode of the podcast, we dive into an intriguing conversation with Monica Pitts, a web designer who looks at websites as integral team members of a company. As the conversation unfolds, Monica shares insightful experiences and methodologies that contribute to the creation of impactful online presences for her clients.

The episode begins with Monica discussing her background in agriculture, evolution into the web design space, and how she found her niche working with construction companies, tradespeople, and non-profit organizations. She emphasizes the importance of viewing websites as employees that work diligently for a company, reflecting on the significance of a site's functionality, design, and content alignment with organizational goals. Monica highlights how her team's consultative approach with clients has led to the development of websites that not only look aesthetically pleasing but also perform effectively in attracting talent, automating processes, and serving as valuable resources internally and externally.

Key Takeaways:

  • A website should be treated as an active member of a company's team, contributing substantially to achieving business goals.
  • Web design involves a consultative approach, asking clients critical questions to ensure the final product aligns with their needs and challenges.
  • Consistency in web design is vital for maintaining a professional image and facilitating a user-friendly experience.
  • Automating repetitive tasks and updating content efficiently can significantly enhance website functionality.
  • Specializing in specific industries, such as construction or non-profit sectors, allows for a deeper understanding of client requirements and tailored web solutions.

Monica Pitts

Monica Pitts is the founder of MayeCreate Design.

Monica is the founder of MayeCreate Design and host of the Marketing with Purpose podcast. She’s a techy, crafty, aerial dancer with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. Monica possesses a rare combination of design savvy and technological know-how.

She puts her down-to-earth problem solving skills to work providing solutions to marketing and communication challenges through technology. When she’s not running her business she’s raising her two daughters, 9 and 13, petting her puppies, traveling with her husband, Mike, dancing in air or digging in the dirt!


  • Introduction
    • Welcome and Episode Overview
    • Introduction of Guest: Monica Pitts
  • Monica's Journey
    • Background in Agriculture and Transition to Web Design
    • Starting Her Own Web Design Company
    • Merging with Family's Internet Service Provider
  • Web Design Philosophy
    • Treating a Website as an Employee
    • Importance of Asking Questions and Consulting with Clients
  • Building a Successful Web Design Company
    • Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses
    • Importance of Team and Employee Roles
    • Lessons from Working in Real Estate
  • Web Design Strategies
    • Consistency and User Experience
    • Automating Routine Tasks
    • Creating Efficient Systems for Clients
  • Client Relationships and Niches
    • Working with Construction Companies and Nonprofits
    • The Better Than DIY Website Program
    • Contracts with Universities for Learning Management Systems
  • Future of Web Design
    • Trends and Innovations to Watch
    • Importance of Documentation and Standard Operating Procedures
    • Adapting to Client Needs and Market Changes
  • Conclusion
    • Final Thoughts from Monica and Matt
    • How to Connect with Monica Pitts and MayeCreate

Click to See Episode Chapters and Timestamp

0:00Web Design as a Team Member Perspective
2:47Entrepreneurial Journey Through Web Design and Partnerships
5:07From Family ISP to Independent Web Development
8:01Entrepreneurial Growth and Team Building Insights
12:07From Agriculture to Tech: A Family Business Decision
13:44Building Teams That Complement Your Strengths and Joy
14:21Delegating Joyful Tasks Strengthens Team Dynamics
16:54Holiday Card Duties and Marital Compromises
18:48The Dynamics and Emotions of Team Turnover
20:50Adapting Roles and Streamlining Processes in Web Development
22:58The Importance of Developer End-User Experience
25:38Transforming Websites Into Active Team Members
30:38Websites as Employees: Functionality and First Impressions Matter
32:59Websites as Dynamic, Automated Business Enhancers
37:58Streamlining Website Updates with Synced Patterns in WordPress
40:30Streamlining Web Development with Reusable Patterns
42:27Designing for Consistency in User Experience and Content Management
46:59The Intricacies of Web Design and User Experience
48:33Crafting Websites for Construction, Trades, and Nonprofits
50:38Innovative Web Design and User-Focused Development
52:41Finding Passion in Paving and Impactful Work
55:13Exploring Perennial Marketing with Monica Pitts
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